The BellPal Safety Watch

BELLPAL: Elegant emergency alert watches

Choose from Four Elegant Styles

bellpal brown band


White Dial

Stainless Steel Body

Brown Leather Strap

bellpal blue band


Blue Dial

Stainless Steel Body

Blue Leather Strap

bellpal safety watch

Pearl Steel

Pearl Dial

Stainless Steel Body

Stainless Steel Band

Rose Gold

Mother of Pearl Dial

Stainless Steel Body

Rose Gold Band

Peace of mind in a watch

Peace of mind - Always someone available whenever help is needed, wherever you may be. The alarm is sent out to our Professional Response Center 24/7 nationwide coverage.

Freedom - Feeling confident about venturing outside and not being housebound. BellPal works wherever you are, both indoors and outdoors.

Simple - The watch contains advanced sensor technology that can detect falls and alert the monitoring center. No complicated installation process. Easy set up.

Stylish - A gorgeous wristwatch, not an obvious aid. You will want to put it on rather than feel you have to.

Put simply: A seemingly ordinary wristwatch that becomes the friend you need in an emergency.

BellPal is a watch that gives you peace of mind in knowing that if you fall, it sends out an automatic alarm via your phone. You can also manually send out an alarm if you need help. Our nurses on the BlueStar SeniorTech Response Center are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our app keeps your friends and family up to date and gives them an opportunity to help.

How it Works

BellPal is an elegant watch with an emergency alert and auto fall alarm built-in that works everywhere. It’s a seemingly ordinary watch that takes care of everything on its own. Nothing to download, nothing to keep track of. It’s unique Swedish engineering of the highest standard.

bellpal watch


The processor inside the BellPal watch works in real time and automatically issues an alarm if the person wearing the watch falls. Holding the left button down for 3 seconds sends out a manual alarm.
bellpal app


The app registers the alarm and starts a countdown timer, giving you time to cancel the alarm in the app.
bellpal followers


Someone who can help, no matter where you are. The alarm is sent out to the BellPal Response Center or your friends and family. You decide.
gps functions


The user’s ‘followers’ receive a continuing stream of updates and can also communicate directly with the BellPal Security Hotline.