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BlueStar Senior Tech Specials for AMAC Members

Welcome AMAC members!  We partnered with AMAC, an organization that offers exceptional benefits and also stands up for the values that have made America great because we share the same values.  As an organization founded by and managed by military service members, you can rely on our products for American seniors.

Below are just a few of the many products that you will find to help you and your loved ones stay Safe, Healthy, and Connected.


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For Medical Alert Systems


BlueStar SeniorTech Ranger 4G  is the most sophisticated medial alert on the market. This lightweight device comes equipped with a Help Button, GPS Tracking, and two-way communication. For additional protection, fall detection can also be added to the device.* With 24/7 support on the best 4G LTE Network, this device goes with you wherever you go. You can even wear this device in the shower with the water-resistant frame. Wear it on a keychain, on the belt, in a pocket, around the neck—provides mobile medical alert protection with GPS, so our skilled staff can find you and send help anywhere.  Works on the great AT&T network—it means you’re never alone, anywhere. Press the button, and talk to our wonderful team, at any time, for any reason!

The Sentry: Our most popular and most economical in-home medical alert system. Connects to any telephone outlet, and provides simple medical alert protection with the smallest pendant available. Options include a two-way pendant to allow walks in the yard, and on-wall button to be placed near bath, near bed, near easy-chair. The Sentry also has a unique second “concierge” button, which can be programmed to connect to any single phone number (caretaker, nurse, family-member, neighbor) with the single push of a button. 

The BellPal Emergency Alert Watch is a watch that gives you peace of mind in knowing that if you fall, it sends out an automatic alarm via your phone. You can also manually send out an alarm if you need help. Our nurses on the BlueStar SeniorTech Response Center are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our app keeps your friends and family up to date and gives them an opportunity to help. AMAC members receive a 25% discount off of the $149.95 retail price! BellPal watches are sold by our BellPal USA Division.