Connection Solutions

Senior-Friendly Computer

The WOW COMPUTER was designed just for seniors. Strong, capable, easy-to-use! More info

Brain Fitness Software

DAKIM software maintains brain fitness, in an enjoyable way.  Scientifically proven.   More info

Voice Activated Lock Box
the pillar lock box

THE PILLAR is a voice activated lock box! Can control users with an app connected to your phone.  More info

Senior Voice Companion

LIFEPOD is the world’s first proactive voice companion for seniors.  Incredibly powerful and useful!  More info

Regular Check-in Calls

Our CARECALLS will call your senior daily or weekly, check-up, and report to the family on the results! More info

Robotic Pets for Seniors

Our JOY FOR ALL pets are proven to provide comfort and companionship to seniors. More info

Closed-Captioned Phone

CAPTEL phones display the words on the screen, as they are said!  Like closed-captioning on TV. More info

Simple Reminder Service

REMINDER ROSIE can provide simple reminders, in your voice, for medicine, appointments, etc. More info

Music Player for Seniors

The SIMPL MUSIC PLAYER is just that—an old-timey-looking radio, easy to use for any senior.  More info

We Treat You Like Family

BlueStar offers many solutions to make your day to day life Safe, Healthy, & Connected. Not sure which solution(s) is right for you? Don't worry! We're standing by to help you customize the solutions that cater to your life. 

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