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Safety Solutions

Mobile Medical Alert System

The RANGER 4G has GPS, fall detection to provide on-the-go protection 24/7.  Our most popular device. More info

Hybrid Medical Alert System

The ADMIRAL PROTECT has two devices—one in the home, one for on-the-go.  The best fit ever!  More info

Wearable Medical Alert

Our BELLPAL is the most stylish, sleek, beautiful wristwatch medical alert in the world. Period. More info

Home Landline Medical Alert

The SENTRY is the most economical in-home medical alert for those with a land-line phone.  More info

Home Cellular Med Alert System

​Want an in-home unit, but don’t have a landline?  Choose the cellular SAFEGUARD to protect yours.  More info. More info

UnMonitored Emergency Alert

Don’t want monthly fees? Try the FREEDOM ALERT, which calls 911 if you need help. More info

Silent Emergency Beacon

The SILENT BEACON quietly sends alerts and calls for help—instantly. No monthly service cost​.  More info

Voice Medical Alert System

​The BLUE ECHO DOT plugs into the bathroom wall—provides med alert monitoring via voice.  More info

Unmonitored Emergency Alert

GUARDIAN ALERT 911 has no monthly fees—provides two-way voice from pendant to 911 operator. More info

911 Caller Pendant/Button

The 911 HELP NOW is a pendant/button that calls 911 from anywhere.  No monthly fees. More info

GPS SmartSole Shoe Insert

GPS SmartSole is a smartphone hidden inside a shoe insert. It uses GPS and 2G cellular technology and requires service plan More info

Door Movement Sensor

Simpl’s DOOR SENSOR tells family via smartphone when door is opened. Provides peace of mind. More info

Versatile Motion Sensor

The KANGAROO motion sensor detects motion and alerts you via your smartphone. More info

Voice-Actuated Lights

WEMO light switches turn on and off at the sound of their owner’s voice. More info

Kitchen Fire Prevention

The FIREAVERT turns off the stove automatically when the smoke detector goes off. More info

Health Solutions

Medication Management 
med ready pill box

The MEDREADY medication dispenser is a top of the line medication monitor. More info

Prescription Mgt, Small

Our favorite 14-dose cell-based prescription management system is the DOSEHEALTH FLIP. More info

Medicine Reminders 

SAGEMINDER provides automated medicine reminders, with human-call followup for problems. More info

Blood Pressure Management 

​The LIFE365 system can help the family manage blood pressure, to avoid ER visits. More info

Health Alert Watch & PERS

The REEMO watch measures health parameters and provide emergency response protection, too. More info

Smartwatch for Seniors

The KANEGA watch is a medical alert, a reminder service, and a health manager, all in one​. More info

Home Health Monitor

HEALTHGUARD provides in-home medical alert, reminders, and chronic condition mgt via mobile app. More info

Affordable Hearing Assistance

Our LUCID products come in a variety of prices to save you huge $$ over regular hearing aids. More info

AudioCardio Hearing Therapy

AudioCardio is sound therapy designed to protect and strengthen your hearing. It's like physical therapy for your hearing.​ More info

Family Care Mobile App

OUTPATIENT is the best mobile app we know for connecting families to coordinate senior care. More info

Connection Solutions

Senior-Friendly Computer

The WOW COMPUTER was designed just for seniors. Strong, capable, easy-to-use! More info

Brain Fitness Software

DAKIM software maintains brain fitness, in an enjoyable way.  Scientifically proven.   More info

Voice Activated Lock Box
the pillar lock box

THE PILLAR is a voice activated lock box! Can control users with an app connected to your phone.  More info

Senior Voice Companion

LIFEPOD is the world’s first proactive voice companion for seniors.  Incredibly powerful and useful!  More info

Regular Check-in Calls

Our CARECALLS will call your senior daily or weekly, check-up, and report to the family on the results! More info

Robotic Pets for Seniors

Our JOY FOR ALL pets are proven to provide comfort and companionship to seniors. More info

Closed-Captioned Phone

CAPTEL phones display the words on the screen, as they are said!  Like closed-captioning on TV. More info

Simple Reminder Service

REMINDER ROSIE can provide simple reminders, in your voice, for medicine, appointments, etc. More info

Music Player for Seniors

The SIMPL MUSIC PLAYER is just that—an old-timey-looking radio, easy to use for any senior.  More info

About BlueStar SeniorTech

Founded in 2013, BlueStar is a veteran-owned company providing technologies to help Americans be safe, healthy, and connected in their homes.  Please click here for more information on BlueStar and our team.

  • Servicing thousands of American families across 50 states.
  • SBA Small Business of the Year award-winner for Maryland.
  • Certified by the Veterans Administration as a Service-Disabled-Small-Business.
  • Veteran-owned and operated, with 14 generals and admirals on our advisory board, including doctors and nurses.
  • Established and operate the non-profit site caregiver site:
  • Established a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation to provide free aging services to needy senior veterans and their spouses/widows:
  • Received an A+ rating and a letter of commendation from the Better Business Bureau.
  • CEO and COO are retired two-star Navy admirals.

What Makes BlueStar Different

veteran owned, military

Most Reliable & Dependable

Our mission is simple: Keep American Seniors Safe, Healthy & Connected through a variety of technology solutions. BlueStar is a veteran owned and operated company, we take pride in our commitment to our mission and the level of service that we provide. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

senior technology, senior tech

Largest Selection of Senior Technology

We have the largest selection of senior technology in the industry. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution and are committed to providing a customized approach to our customers. We offer multiple types of solutions to meet your specific needs, from fall detection, on-the-go, GPS, in-home, and wearables.

aging at home, aging in place

Leader in Aging at Home Solutions

Medical alerts are only one part of an overall aging at home solution. We have developed a full suite of aging at home solutions to help you stay in your home longer, safer, and more independent. From medication management tools to concierge-style check-in services, we offer a solution for every aging at home situation.

24/7 monitoring, customer service, best in class

24/7 Monitoring & Support

You never need to worry that you or a loved one are unsafe or need help. Our top-rated monitoring center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide the highest level of safety. Whether it is a push of a button or an automated detection, our monitoring delivers help when it is needed.

BlueStar Founder Retired Admiral Rob Wray

Laura discusses why she got her mom a Medical Alert