ED Reduction

The Issue

Excessive use and costs in the Emergency Department (ED). United Health says 2 of 3 ED visits are avoidable. Last year, avoidable ED use cost $32 billion in US. Of this, $18B, or 55%, was due to Medicaid / Medicare.

One Solution

Pre-visit intervention. Multiple studies show that interaction with frequent ED users before their visit can reduce ED use by 13 to 38%. A 2019 Yale study showed a 10x ROI on pre-visit intervention.


BlueStar provides an omni-channel pre-visit interaction program to encourage frequent ED users to avoid excessive ED use. The program includes:

  • An initial training/indoctrination phone call.
  • A medical alert console in the home, in plain view. This console has a wearable button to call for help in case of any emergency.
  • The console has a concierge button to call a 24/7 nurse hotline. 60% of calls to nurse hotlines alleviate the need for ED visits.
  • A weekly check-in call from BlueStar. Results of this weekly call are e-mailed to family and care circle.
  • A weekly reminder e-mail from BlueStar.
  • A weekly post-card reminder from BlueStar.


A 6% reduction in ER use will pay for the program. A 35% reduction will result in a 500% ROI.

The Next Step

A 30-minute conversation with Admiral Wray and BlueStar, to determine whether we might be able to help you and your program.

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