After we’ve all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Day meal on Thursday, a lot of us get ready for the crazy days of shopping that come right after. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be overwhelming, but they can also be especially beneficial to veterans, who deservedly often receive extra deals on already marked-down sales. Below are a few tips and tricks for veterans this weekend so they can find the best deals available.

Black Friday

Before you brave the crowds on Black Friday, make sure to compare the regular discounts to what you may be able to get with military discounts year-round. has compiled a great list of discounts to check before you buy anything. You can also use this list of discounts at hundreds of stores from to compare to the regular Black Friday deals.

Be sure to check before you head to the stores if you can actually go ahead and combine these discounts. Each store is different, so it’s important to check on this before you make the trip. And starting this Veterans Day, Army/Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) and all online military exchanges will now be open to veterans. So, take the time to check on Black Friday deals at your local commissary or military exchange for extra discounts. Exchanges for each branch may also have different deals, so check here on for available sales. Last but not least, military in-store and online exchanges offer price-matching guarantees until December 25th, but this may also be based on individual exchange policies, so check on this beforehand.

Cyber Monday

Many of the same deals available on Black Friday will also be around on Cyber Monday, so if you’d like to avoid the crowds, you can wait for deals until the end of the weekend. A key to making the best of online shopping Cyber Monday is to get up extra early to make sure you beat the “online crowds” to deals with limited stock. Be sure to use the above links for military and Black Friday benefits beforehand to check if any of these can also apply to online purchases.

The online exchanges will be offering their own deals on Cyber Monday, which you can check for here of directly on the site. also alerts readers to a special sale on Cyber Monday at Oakley Standard Issue, the Oakley military and government sales site that offers a range of products.

Before you do any shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, make sure you are being safe and shopping smart. Take a look at this video from highlighting how to avoid holiday scams this shopping weekend.


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