Ms.Elaine H. is a Navy Vet and lives in Medford, OR. Elaine has a disease that destroys her muscles, and that has led to her having no muscle support in her knees. She lives with a constant fear of falling and tells us she relies on her “Tremendously Helpful” Ranger 4G for peace of mind.
AmbulanceJust the other day she was in her home and had a nasty fall so she reached for her Ranger and was able to get help right away. EMTs quickly came to her rescue and took her to the hospital, where she got received the care she needed.
Here are a few things she had to say while detailing her experience with our BlueStar Ranger 4G mobile medical alert
“I really appreciate your service”
“Sure glad I had my system with me”
“You guys are really there when I need it”
“Oh yeah, very satisfied with the service”

We’re so glad you are OK after your most recent fall, Elaine! We hope you won’t need to sound the alarm but we’re glad you can if needed! Thank you for your service!

The BlueStar Team