James D. from Arkansas is a frequent user of his Ranger 4G medical alert device. One week not too long ago, he fell 3 times in the same week. Each time he was connected to help from his alert device. The first 2 times he fell were no big deal. The call center was notified each time, but they did not dispatch any help because James was able to get up on his own and reassured them he was fine. However, the third time was the charm in this case. The third fall sent James into the hospital for a few days; he had fallen and hit his head. Luckily, James has fall detection with his Ranger 4G, so help was notified even though he was not conscious enough to push his alert device button himself at the time of this third fall.

After James was on the mend for a few days, our team called him to check up. A few things he had to say to us were:

“Thank you for allowing me to have this device”

“Very quick response, everyone was very polite, very professional.”

We are so sorry this happened to you James, but we are glad your alert device helped in your time of need. 

-The BlueStar Team

About the safety solution that got James help:

On the Go

Go anywhere in the United States and you will maintain coverage. With GPS satellites, our monitoring center can locate you at the push of a button

Fall Detection

The Ranger 4G comes with automatic fall detection. For a $5/month charge, we can add this feature to your medical alert.

US Based Monitoring

Once you activate your medical alert, you will be put in touch with someone from our US-based 24/7 monitoring center.

Battery Life

The Ranger 4G comes with 48 hours of standby battery. It is still recommended to charge your Ranger 4G each night before you go to bed.