emergency alertWatson H. from Texas recently got help through his Ranger 4G medical alert device. Watson was lounging around the house when he started not feeling right. He knew that his blood sugar must have been very low. His son was home, and heard Watson yelling for help. His son ended up giving Watson glucose tablets which took the emergency out of the situation, but Watson was still very disoriented, wasn’t making sense, and had no control of his arm motion. It was then the father and son decided that they should press Watson’s Ranger 4G medical alert device to get the fastest possible help.

Watson lives 30 miles from the nearest hospital, but he said the EMTs came surprisingly quick. Once they got to his house, they stay for about 30 minutes to stabilize him and make sure he was okay. There was no need for a hospital visit, Watson is feeling much better now.

When we called to check up on him, Watson told us he was very impressed with how everything was handled and appreciates the quick response on BlueStar’s end. 

We are glad your sugars have stabilized, Watson! Feel free to get help through our call center any time you need it.

-The BlueStar Team

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