The Washington Nationals’ World Series win on Wednesday, October 30th has been a long time coming! But even longer for some others, such as these senior Nationals fans that have been waiting for their whole lives:

Norman Willis

95-year-old Norman Willis (pictured above) has been a lifelong fan of the DC Baseball team. Norman first saw the team back in 1933, when they were then called the Senators. Coincidentally, he was born in 1924, which is the same year the team last won the World Series. He also wanted to become a pitcher for the team in his younger days, before he realized he didn’t have the knack for pitching. However, that did not stop his love for the game. You can read more about Mr. Willis and his love for the Nationals by reading more here.

Lorenzo Crowe

Lorenzo Crowe (pictured above), is a 98-Year-Old DC Super fan and DC native says “It feels like I waited my whole life just for this.” Crowe first started attending baseball games in D.C. when the team was the Senators. Since then, he’s attended almost every Nationals game played at home, and he said his age hasn’t and will not hold him back from attendance. Read more about Crowe’s dedication to the team by reading more here.

Congratulations to the Washington Nationals on their historical win! We share our excitement along with all the other fans out there who have waited so long for this moment.