The second Sunday in May every year is a time for us all to take a moment and show our Moms how much they truly mean to us. In many families, Moms are the backbone that keeps the family strong. She is the one at home when the kids get home to help with homework. In some cases, she is the one who cooks most of the meals.

There are some children who think about their mom, and describe her as loving and wonderful, while others might describe some of those moments that made Mom great. No matter how Mom is described, it is important to recognize her for the great accomplishments and sacrifices she has made. Many times, there are questions that come up around Mother’s Day. One question heard a lot by many people is “What am I going to get Mom for Mother’s Day?” This can be a tough question to answer, and if you were to actually ask Mom what she wants – odds are she would say something like “time with you is enough.”

Here at BlueStar, we wanted to take this a step further and provide 5 Ways to Celebrate Mom for Mother’s Day

Take an Exotic Vacation

bluestar seniortech vacation

Nothing shows Mom that you love and care about her more than anything beyond sending her to a remote destination that she has wanted to visit her whole life. Creating memories is important on these types of vacations. It is important you tag along with her and make memories that will never fade. Take as many photos on your camera, phone, and mentally. Mom will surely talk about this for years to come.

Have a Wine & Paint Night

Wine and paint night shops are popping up all over the place. Does Mom enjoy the occasional glass of wine? Take her out to create some majestic art pieces and have a glass of wine with Mom. The memories made here will last a lifetime.

Plant some Flowers

Celebrate Mom - Mother's Day | BlueStar SeniorTech | Veteran Owned

Some Mom’s love to garden, and some just like to have a pretty garden in front of their house. Spring has sprung and what a great way to bring some color and beauty to Mom’s front door by planting some flowers for her. Roses, lilacs, daffodils, and daisies are some beautiful flowers we are sure Mom would love.

Take Mom to Get Pampered

Many women love to be treated like the princesses and queens we view them to be. Getting them a pass for them and a friend is a wonderful way to tell Mom, this is your day, kick back, and relax.

Cook Dinner

Celebrate Mom - Mother's Day | BlueStar SeniorTech | medical alert

As noted earlier, some Moms are the backbone to their families meals. Some cook 5-6 nights a week providing some of the most nutritious meals and food memories than many can remember. Mom has a favorite dish. For Mother’s Day, you could create Mom’s favorite dish or try something new that Mom has wanted to try but has never made. Either way, I am sure Mom will love it. Mom’s are like chefs afterall… Many Chefs say they love anything they didn’t have to cook themselves.

Moms are a vital part of our lives. Here at BlueStar HonorCare, Moms and Dads are the people we hope to assist by keeping you and your loved ones safe, healthy, and connected. We do this through our medical alerts, which is also a great gift for Mom. Give the gift of love and care in a small pendant, letting Mom know that you want her to feel safe wherever she is at and no matter how far you are. Learn more about the different solutions by visiting us online or give us a call today at 800-300-1724, option 1.