This holiday season, give the gift of companionship to your loved one with a new canine friend! Don’t take it from me, research shows that the health benefits of dog companionship can be life-changing in our senior loved ones. Senior dog owners are proven to have lower blood pressure, reduced stress and have a better sense of self than those living without a four-legged friend. Some dog breeds are proven to provide more companionship than others!

Not only do they help you stay active and healthy, but their endless love and affection help with decreasing levels of depression, anxiety and help prevent loneliness. Pet-having seniors have higher self-esteem, increased mental alertness and an overall higher quality of life. Dogs are even capable of lifting the spirits of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

Fun fact! Seniors tend to care for themselves better when owning a pet as well.

Enough science for now, here are the top 5 best breeds for your senior loved one!


West Highland White Terrier

Originating from the hills of Scotland, the Western Highland White Terrier is a family friendly, low maintenance dog with a  non-fragile build. Considered the most affectionate of all terriers, the Westie has a very playful and happy demeanor sure to brighten someone’s day! This breed is very loving and extremely loyal whether you’re out and about on a walk or snuggling up on the couch with a good book, the Westie will remain by your side no matter where you are or what you’re doing!



As a people favorite, the tiny fox face is very popular among all age groups making it one of the most loved breeds on our list.  Although the Pom may need maintenance grooming, he is known for his happy-go-lucky attitude and makes for a wonderful companion in any type of environment whether in an apartment or nursing home. Now the Pomeranian may be small in size, but are huge in personality! This breed’s assertive instinct will kick in when their loved one is in danger and become very alert.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is known to be Queen Elizabeth’s favorite and for a good reason too! This happy, intelligent breed is easy to train and extremely affectionate. Did you know the queen of England has owned over 30 corgis in her lifetime? That’s a lot of love if you ask me. The Corgi is the most agreeable of small dogs on this list and makes teaching tricks that much easier. As a member of the herding group, this also means they are the most active and enjoy lots of exercises. If you know your loved one is active give them the gift of corgi walks, because who can resist that face?



As one of the smallest breeds on this list, the Maltese were born to keep you company! Because they are so charming and people-oriented, they take very well to training and positive reinforcement especially when rewards include lots of treats, affection, and snuggles.  Although the Maltese are very playful, his favorite spot is on your lap and does not require much physical activity. This breed is best for seniors who enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle at home who may be in need of some company. Another plus for this breed is their little amounts of shedding make for a cleaner home so overall this is our most low maintenance breed!


French Bulldog

Last but not least, at our number one spot is the wrinkly, flat-faced French Bulldog. The Frenchie is a compact dog breed who is extremely intelligent, lively and lovable. Coming from the non-sporting group of breeds, this little guy does well in smaller homes but is much sturdier than your average dog. Their most distinguishing characteristic is their short-haired coat and short snout. Being very food-motivated, the Frenchie is easy to train and be very well-behaved and will be much happier to cuddle than go out for a run.

This time of the year, things may get a little hectic and busy. However, this list is to remind you to always think of your older loved ones. Keeping these dog breeds in mind, they were designed to choose a companion that is easy to take care of in return for their high levels of affection for your loved one who may really need it. Choose a dog responsibly, think of adopting instead of shopping and always keep your loved one’s safety in mind. At BlueStar SeniorTech we offer multiple solution options to keep your family Safe, Healthy & Connected. This holiday season gives a gift that shows you care about their well being and will give peace of mind for years to come. Learn more by visiting us online!