Our CEO, Admiral Rob Wray, often tells our customers that they can use their equipment for any number of purposes, providing help in any kind of emergency. This so happened to be the case for Paul S. of North Fort Myers, Florida, who took the Admiral at his word.

During a recent hurricane, Paul had no power, no air, and it was a typically hot and muggy Florida day.  Even though the conditions were not the safest, he stayed in his home during the storm, and was babysitting two dogs for friends who had evacuated. He let the dogs out at 3:00 in the morning, and couldn’t get them to return.  Since he was in a wheelchair, he couldn’t chase them down the street. He pressed his BlueStar button, which brought emergency services, who retrieved the dogs.  He told us,

“it worked excellent!” 

Necessity is the mother of invention, Paul!  Glad the EMS guys were nice about it and got you the help you needed.

-The BlueStar Team

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