Earlier this month, Ms. Inez B. from North Carolina was in her home by herself. She had a bad fall and was no where near her phone. Luckily, she had her BlueStar Ranger 4G and was able to get help quickly.

A big Issue with Ms. Inez is that her memory is sometimes a bit fuzzy, and she may not remember her address at times, but that doesn’t matter because her Ranger 4G is equipped with GPS so emergency operators can pin point her location and send help right away.

She is very grateful to the BlueStar team and had some nice things to say about us: 

“I appreciate everything you guys do! Thank you so much for everything.”


“This device does what it’s supposed to do.”

We’re glad our device is there when you need it, Inez! Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback with us!

-The BlueStar Team