Eyola from Louisiana woke up one early Friday morning, and realized she was alone. It was dark, and she said that being a 90 year old woman, this made her nervous. She lives with her niece, but she had not known where her niece was, so she pushed her BlueStar Medical Alert devices button. She was very pleased with who she spoke to at the response center, and soon after, 4 police officers showed up to make sure she was okay. They located her niece, and left Eyola feeling safe.

She told us she loves having her device, and said:

“I never hesitate to call for help when I need it. It is a beautiful thing, and I would like to thank everyone who continues to help me.”

bluestar medical alert deviceEven though this was not a serious situation, we are glad our BlueStar Medical Alert device was able to give Eyola the peace of mind she deserves. Thanks for sharing your story, Eyola!

-The BlueStar Team

Feeling alone like Eyola did can be scary, but it can also be detrimental to your health. Loneliness can pose some serious health risks to seniors. It has even been proven that:

“long-term feeling of extreme loneliness can be deadlier for older people than being severely overweight.”

It has been found that 20-40 percent of older adults are experiencing this at any given time. With this knowledge, make sure to check in on your older friends! Read more about loneliness in older adults here.