Many celebrations begin in December as we approach the major holiday season. Other than the well known holidays, there are smaller ones that are worth getting the family together for. One of those holidays falls on December 12, National Gingerbread House Day. This is a fun day to spend together as gingerbread houses have become a holiday staple that people of all ages can enjoy.

When gingerbread was first introduced to Europe, bakers became professionals of their trade and specialized in creating figurines. The gingerbread house building activity then began in Germany during the 1800s and was later introduced to the United States. National Gingerbread Day is now celebrated both as a casual gathering and through competitions and parades.  

Whether you are baking from scratch or picking up a gingerbread house kit, there are a few supplies needed for this activity. Some supplies you may need before you celebrate National Gingerbread House Day may include:

  1. Gingerbread (Graham Crackers as a substitution)
  2. Royal Icing
  3. Candies, pretzels, etc. for decorating
  4. Paper plates or cardboard for a base
  5. Piping bags
  6. Utensils

Today, building gingerbread houses is a popular activity done with family and friends around the holidays. It is a great excuse to surround yourself with loved ones and spend quality time doing an enjoyable activity. Making gingerbread houses is a fun and safe activity that creates memories family members will cherish for years. It may also bring back past memories for your senior family members and create a topic for discussion, where children and seniors can learn about each other. This is the perfect opportunity for loved ones to bond and share stories, all while doing a creative holiday activity.

No matter how young or old, this activity brings out the creative side of everyone. You can even have a friendly competition to see who can build the best gingerbread house. This is something that can become a family tradition and give your loved ones something to look forward to every year.

Not only are gingerbread houses fun to make but they also make great seasonal decorations. Creating homemade decorations, such as gingerbread houses, can liven up the spirit of your loved ones and remind them of fun times that were spent with family.

During the holiday season, the consumption of unhealthy food is heightened and seniors citizens worry about their health. Luckily, gingerbread house building doesn’t have to include this concern. One of the major ingredients of gingerbread, ginger, actually has multiple health benefits. It is a known anti-inflammatory and helps with indigestion and nausea. It also has the power to decrease cholesterol levels and lower risk factors for heart disease. This allows family members of any age to be a part of this activity without any worry.  

Getting together with family and friends to bake during the holiday season is another fun way to celebrate. Food Network has a great recipe for homemade gingerbread, which can be found here. This can become a completely separate and fun activity to do with the family as well. Bringing families together gives everyone, young and old, memories to cherish for years to come.

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