Shirley from Texas recently had to use her Ranger 4G device. However, the use wasn’t for her. It was to help her husband, Larry. Late one night, he was trying to sit on the bed, slipped off the edge, and fell from the bed on to the floor. He was unable to get back up on his own, and his wife was unable to get him up too. His wife rushed to get help through her BlueStar device to get him some help. Soon after, paramedics arrived and helped Larry back up, as well as making sure he was okay.

Larry says he appreciates BlueStar and told us he is:

very satisfied with the friendly and efficient service.

Luckily Larry will be fine and has no serious injuries.

BlueStar’s Ranger 4G  was there to help not only Shirley, but her husband when he was in a time of need. We are happy to be there for you both!

-The BlueStar Team

The risk of falling increases as you age, and so does the risk of having a serious injury from that fall. But don’t lose hope- nearly 40% of falls are preventable! To learn more about how to reduce your risk of falls, please visit here.