As our parent’s age, it is our responsibility as their adult children, to give them the right kind of care. Taking on the role as a family caregiver can be stressful and overwhelming, but thankfully modern technology helps take some of the pressure off. With the world of technology constantly growing, senior care has never been better. Many duties that a caregiver was once responsible for, is now able to be taken care of through technology.

Senior Care Technology change

Although the internet has been around for a while, it has changed the way senior care works. Doctors and caregivers from all over the world have the power to connect and share ideas, research, and insight. This spread of information has advanced the senior care industry. The internet also gives seniors and caregivers a resource for medical information and allows them to do their own research without a doctor. It may even lead seniors to doctors and caregivers that they may have never found without the internet.

Not only does technology help out caregivers, but it also reduces the need for assisted living centers. Seniors have access to devices that allow them to age comfortably and safely at home rather than living out their lives in a nursing home. This gives them a sense of independence that they would not be able to get without technology.

For most seniors, everyday life has been changed by technology. For this, we can thank medical alert devices. These devices are what keep seniors safe, healthy, and connected at all times. Seniors are able to live comfortably, travel independently, and even have less of a need for a caregiver. Different types of devices are available for the needs of every senior.

GPS Tracking

Devices with GPS tracking are very useful for the wandering senior. Being able to see where your loved one is at all times, gives family members peace of mind. Even for seniors that don’t wander, devices like the Ranger 4G feature GPS tracking so that emergency services can find them. If a senior is alone and becomes unconscious from a fall or doesn’t know where they are, emergency personnel is able to easily find them.

Fall Detection

Senior Care Technology change

Certain devices have been created for seniors that are prone to falling. Devices like the Admiral Alert have automatic fall detection so that seniors are able to get immediate help in the event of an emergency. Some devices even automatically send help if they detect a fall. Before this kind of technology, Seniors either needed a 24/7 caregiver or someone to assist them when traveling.

Mobile Apps

Thanks to modern technology, we are now able to directly connect to medical alert devices through smartphones. This makes a caregivers life much more convenient. Devices like the HealthGuard connect to a mobile app so that caregivers can monitor and manage the health of their loved ones from anywhere. Without modern technology seniors would need a caregiver with them at all times, taking the independence away from them.


Technology is here to make our lives easier. Devices have been created to send reminders to our senior loved ones so that we don’t need to. It’s natural for our loved ones to become forgetful with age but technology helps monitor that. The Reminder Rosie is a clock that lets you use your own voice to set up message reminders so that Mom and Dad never forget a medication, appointment, or task again!

The world of technology is always growing and changing for the better. Senior care technology has come a long way and continues to progress every day, making the lives of caregivers and seniors much easier and safer. Here at BlueStar SeniorTech, we promote the use of lifesaving technology to better the lives of seniors across the country. If you want to experience the benefits of senior care technology, visit our website or give our product specialists a call at (800)-300-1724, option 1.