Labor Day is this weekend and that means it’s a long weekend to spend with family and the grandkids! There are plenty of ways to enjoy this start of September. As we have mentioned before, social activities, including family time, are essential to the mental, physical, and emotional health of the aging.

  1. Barbecue

Have your family and grandchildren over at your house and host a barbecue! A barbecue will be perfect to celebrate the start of Fall. You can set up simple outdoor activities and beverages.

  1. Go hiking

You can take your partner and your family out for a walk in nature. You can even go hiking at a regional park near you. Going out in nature has lots of benefits and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  

  1. Spend time indoors

Instead of an outdoor activity, you can invite your friends and family over to your house and host a get-together. You could turn it into a potluck if you desire. Everyone can chat, eat, and play indoor games such as cards, board games, and charades.

  1. Family Throwback

Bring out family pictures and go through the happy memories and embarrassing moments that can bring out laughter. You can share stories from your past such as when you were children, embarrassing moments, growing up trends, and how you met your partner.

  1. Picnic

Get together with your family, pick a nearby park, and do a picnic! You can have outdoor games to enjoy the hot weather. Games can include yard dominoes, giant ring toss, cornhole, pictionary, tag games for the kids, and trivia!

  1. Game Time

Since it’s the kickoff weekend for football this weekend, it’ll be a great time to group watch the games at home with your family! Get some chips, beverages, food and relax on the couch while you all enjoy the games on tv!

  1. Travel

You can take this long weekend to plan a short trip nearby. It’ll be a good time to spend with children and grandchildren since they’ll be off work. You could drive to the beach and have a day in the sun to relax together.

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