As you age, you need to adjust your loved ones home to meet their new needs. There are simple steps you can take to prepare their home to make it easier and safer to live in. 

Studies show that 90% of seniors would rather age-at-home than move to an assisted living facility. It is much more comfortable and enjoyable to spend your golden years in the place you have called home. Because of the resources we have available, aging-at-home is much more doable than ever before. It does take careful consideration and planning, but in the end  it gives your loved ones a much higher quality of life.

Here, we have put together some tips to modify your or your loved ones home to stay in place:

For People Who Have Difficulties with Vision 

Install new lights or increase lighting on exterior pathways, porches and doorways. 

Increase lighting on all stairs either by plugging night-lights into wall outlets or installing overhead fixtures or wall sconces. 

Install light switches that glow in the dark. 

Place lighting over the sink, stove and other work areas in the kitchen. 

Place automatic light-sensor night-lights  in hallways and rooms. 

Add lighting to closets. 

Install a thermostat that’s easy to read. 

For People Who Have Difficulties with Strength 

Replace round door knobs with easier-to-use lever-style door handles. 

Replace traditional toggle-style light switches with larger, easier­ to-use rocker-style light switches. 

Repair or replace any hard-to-open windows.

For People Who Have Difficulties with Getting Around 

Use adjustable and low rods and shelves in closets and cabinets. Consider pull-out or pull-down shelves or drawers designed to close automatically. 

Have the dishwasher elevated to reduce the amount of bending. 

Place rolling casters on chairs. 

Buy touch control lamps or “clapper” devices for lights and electronics. 

Install a walk-in or no-threshold shower, a bath seat or bench, and an adjustable, handheld showerhead. 

Install a telephone in multiple rooms (including the bathroom). 


Home Safety for Seniors: This Old House offers great home safety tips for seniors who prefer to “age-in-place”. They detail ways to make a home hazard-free and secure from outside threats. Home Safety Tips from This Old House.

Senior Home Renovation Without Spending Thousands of Dollars: Instead of spending thousands of dollars renovating your senior home in making it safe and secure as you age, you can now purchase these items for a way cheaper cost. These items will not only keep you independent and safe but will also maintain a comforting feeling of your home by matching the environment.

Aging in Place Remodel Costs: Aging in place is cheaper and more comfortable than going the assisted living route for many people. A typical assisted living home is pricey, costing around $50,000 a year. In contrast, the national average of remodeling a home for aging in place is only $10,000. If you or your parents are planning on doing some fairly major aging-in-place remodeling projects, check out this guide on aging in place home remodeling

Home Modifications for Aging in Place:  Here you’ll find 50 tips on home modifications that support aging in place from leading aging and senior living experts and valuable resources for ensuring the safety of the home for older adults. Some are simple adjustments, while others are larger scale projects – but all will make a home more accommodating as a person ages.