73-year-old Rosetta of Little Rock Arkansas is 1 of 7 children.  Her 6 brothers and sisters all served in the military.  She didn’t sign up for the military because she was pregnant with her son, who later ended up serving in the Navy for 18 years.

Not long ago Rosetta was walking down the hall, tripped over her slippers and fell. She used her medical alert device to call EMS, who came to help her out.  When we called afterward to check up on her, she said she learned two important lessons from this experience:

1. Keep her BlueStar medical alert always with her
2. Don’t leave the slippers in the hallway!

Thank you for your family’s service in the military, as well as speaking so well on our product! Glad you have it to keep you safe.

-The BlueStar Team

BlueStar salutes our military heroesIt is Now National Veterans and Military Families month! The White House recently proclaimed that this month will be dedicated to the sacrifice of all our veterans and their families. Words can’t express the gratitude we have for veterans and their families, but we can try by saying, “thank you” to them all month long. Read more about this proclamation here.