During this time of year, families are brought together to celebrate holidays and enjoy time with each other. As much happiness as this season may bring, it also can become very chaotic. To ease some stress and keep the holiday spirit alive, keep these ho in mind.

Here are some top recommended Healthy Holiday Tips

Bundle Up

With the holiday season, comes cold weather. Staying warm is important because it helps avoid winter illnesses such as hypothermia and influenza. Before leaving the house, make sure to wear undershirts and long underwear to keep your skin from being exposed. To keep heat in, winter coats and accessories will be necessary. Between 30-50% of body heat exits through the head. To prevent this from happening, wear a warm hat. Use gloves and scarves to protect the rest of your body that may be exposed to the brutal winter weather.

Practice Food Safety


Good food is one of the most anticipated parts of the holiday. Whether it’s home cooked or catered, keep in mind some important food safety tips.

  1. Always wash your hands before cooking and eating. This helps prevent the spread of germs and keeps everyone healthy.
  2. Be aware of everyone’s allergies when cooking or ordering.
  3. Don’t walk away from the stove when cooking. This can be a potential fire hazard and is dangerous for curious little ones and pets.
  4. Remember to cook food to the proper temperature. Overcooked food can mean a dry meal, but undercooked food may mean a trip to the hospital. Undercooked food may contain bacteria causing a case of food poisoning. Use a thermometer when cooking and look up correct temperatures if necessary.
  5. Finally, no matter how tempting it may be, stay away from the raw dough. Eating or tasting raw dough can lead to illnesses that aren’t worth the risk.  

Manage Stress

Having so much to do during the holidays can become very stressful. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or your senior loved ones. Doing everything yourself can take the fun out of the holidays, so ask for some help. Share responsibilities such as decorating, cooking, baking, and wrapping with others to alleviate the stress. Long trips to holiday parties may not be an option anymore. As your loved one ages, getting in and out of the car may get too difficult and sitting for long periods of time may get uncomfortable. To accommodate them and relieve stress, host celebrations closer to their home. Also, keep in mind your loved one’s schedule since it can be stressful switching up sleeping or eating times. At some point during their schedule, they may need to take medication. Using a smart pillbox during this chaotic season ensures your loved one is taking the proper medication on time.

Eat Healthy

As hard as it may be, keeping health in mind during the holidays is essential. Some diet all year, just to over splurge during the holiday season but this really isn’t a healthy way to go. This can lead to binge eating and create the opposite effect of what you want. Instead, choose your splurges wisely and maintain portion control. Moderation is the key to maintaining your health, even during the holidays. Avoid chicken or turkey skin to lower your calorie and fat intake. White meat without skin is the healthiest option and may allow you to have an extra cookie for dessert. When it comes to dessert, incorporating fruit makes for a healthy and tasty option. Fruits pair well with most desserts and assure that you are making a healthier choice.

Keep Moving


If the weather is nice, take your loved ones for a walk. This is a nice way to take a break from the holiday stress and spend some healthy, quality time together. Allow your senior loved ones to be involved, if safe. There are so many fun holiday activities that can keep them moving to stay warm and healthy. Encourage them to participate in activities such as cooking, baking, wrapping, and decorating.

Alcohol Safety

Alcohol safety is important all year long but it tends to get pushed to the side during holiday celebrations. Remember to consider medications before your loved one has any alcoholic drinks. Many medications cannot be taken with alcohol and can cause negative side effects. Be aware of “holiday heart syndrome” for those senior family members that don’t drink often. This occurs when someone who doesn’t consume alcohol often, drinks too much during a short time. It results in an irregular heartbeat, dizziness, or even death. To avoid this drink safely or not at all. Lastly, don’t drink and drive. Instead of putting yourself and others safety at risk, have a designated driver, call an uber or taxi, or choose not to consume alcohol.

Celebrating the holidays with loved ones should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Remember to use this time to check up on your senior loved ones to determine if they need extra assistance. BlueStar SeniorTech offers solutions that can keep you or your senior family member safe, healthy, and connected all year long. Give the gift of freedom to your loved one this holiday season with products that can be found online, or by calling a product specialist at 800-300-1724, option 1.