Social media is a trending topic that can be difficult to navigate even for the average 20-year-old. If you are unfamiliar with it, it might even be more cumbersome just to stay connected to family and friends. Yet, many younger generations have flocked to social media causing a rise in seniors to use social media as well. Seniors using social media can sometimes get lost in the jargon making it that much more difficult to navigate. Here at BlueStar, we believe that seniors should stay Safe, Healthy & Connected – this includes the social media realm. We have comprised some of the top senior social media tips that our crew here has come up with.

Senior Social Media Tips to Keep in Mind While Keeping Up

Staying Connected

Depression and the feeling of loneliness has become an overwhelming problem among seniors. Social media can help this. It gives you the power to connect with friends and family without ever having to leave your home. For seniors that physically can’t leave their home alone or have loved ones who live far, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. You can see what loved ones are doing when they post status’ and pictures. This is a platform lets you instantly communicate through comments and messages. Being able to keep in touch with loved ones through social media can help you relate and feel closer to them.


Social media has a viral nature that is unlike any other platform. Entertaining posts, pictures, and videos are always going viral. You can also find videos of older television shows, ebooks, and blogs. The amount of content on social media can keep you entertained for hours!

Information Source

Did you know? According to Pew Research Center, there are now more seniors who use social media than those that read the newspaper?

A lot of news articles are posted online before they even hit the newspaper. Most of these news articles are on social media and can be shared with friends and family. Social media also allows you to comment on these articles and give feedback or opinions. Other than news, a lot of social media pages share informational articles or blogs. This content can be used just for fun or have valuable information that impacts your life.


Social media is a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you. Facebook especially has all sorts of different groups to join. Chances are if you’re interested in something, there’s a group filled with hundreds of other people interested in the same thing. Joining these groups gives you the opportunity to meet people all over the world who love the same things you do. You will be able to share your stories and information as well as hear other people’s tips, tricks, and stories. This would not be possible without social media. Being a part of a social media group creates a feeling of connectivity without having to travel.

Bridging Generations

Being able to connect to others so easily through social media, also starts to bridge the generation gap. Seniors are able to communicate with younger generations through these media channels. It gives them something in common to talk about whether it’s a viral post, picture or video. It also lets seniors see what they’re grandchildren are interested in. Since the younger generation tends to be more social media savvy, have your children or grandchildren help you get started as a fun way to spend time together. Everyone can use social media, don’t avoid it because of age!

Sale Opportunities

There are many companies that are now on social media to connect with customers or potential customers. Companies share their products but also can respond to any questions, concerns, or reviews you have. This gives you the opportunity to directly communicate with different companies or organizations. It also gives you the opportunity to get exclusive deals or coupons only offered on social media. A lot of companies share useful information as well.

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Social media and technology have become a huge part of millions of peoples lives. Although intimidating, it’s important to take advantage of the different opportunities and products technology can provide to enhance lives. BlueStar SeniorTech offers lifesaving technology that can benefit seniors nationwide. Take advantage of the technology we have available by visiting our website or speaking with a product specialist at 800-300-1724, option 1.