We are introducing into the market a new product called the Smart Pillbox – a portable, simple to use, Smart Pillbox that you can take along with you! It retains independence and provides peace of mind for the user and their family.

Medication non-adherence is a common problem among our population. Medication non-adherence is when people are not taking medications as prescribed. Three in four people in the U.S. struggle to take their medicine as directed. This, in turn, can be very dangerous. Three times more people die per year from medication nonadherence than from car accidents in the U.S. An upside is that It’s preventable! Over 95% adherence can be achieved by using medication dispensers like Smart Pillbox being described in this article.


Smart Pillbox Features:

  1. Clear Alarm – Never miss a dose with a crystal clear and friendly alarm
  2. Portable Size – Small enough to fit in a bag so you can take your medication anywhere you go
  3. Battery – Greater than 2 day battery life, allowing you to unplug the pillbox and take it with you.
  4. Removable 14-Space Tray – Each removable tray holds up to two weeks worth of medications
  5. Secure – Lockable to avoid unwanted openings


Connected Features

  1. Notifications – Receive texts or emails if pills are dispensed, missed, or waiting to be taken.
  2. Multiple Viewers – Allow an unlimited number of people to receive notifications.


It’s also easy to use in multiple ways:

  1. Easy to Set Up – Using the convenient touchscreen, a simple setup process will have your pillbox up and running in no time.
  2. Easy to Fill – When it’s time to refill, an on-screen guide will walk you through filling the 14 compartments.
  3. Easy to Use – When it’s time to take your pills, a sound will play, letting you know to flip the pillbox over into either your hand or a cup.
  4. Easy to Connect – Send text or email alerts to yourself and others when pills are missed, dispensed, or when it’s time to refill.

Smart Pillbox is making it easier to take the right medications at the right time! Please contact us for more information at 800-926-4041. Click here to learn more.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please reach out to us! Here at BlueStar, it is our goal to keep you and your loved ones Safe, Healthy, and Connected. We do this by offering best medical alert systems for seniors that are available on our website. These senior life health products can deliver push-button emergency help so you are never alone. If you have any questions, please contact a product specialist today at (800) 300-1724, option 1!