As we kick off the month of June today, it imperative that we all be aware that summer is just a few short weeks away. That being said, the ancient, old question I’d love to hear from you is, “What are you doing this summer?”

This time of the year is a wonderful time to shake off those winter blues and the dampness from the Spring. If your Spring was anything like ours in the DC area, then you have had several rainy days in a row, but the sunshine is just around the corner.

June is known for the Great Outdoors.

I implore you to go safely go outside and enjoy nature. Not sure what to do? Look no further! Here are some things you can do outside while the weather is still mild enough to enjoy it.

Go on a Nature Walk


Nature walks are a great way to get outside and see the natural beauty of this world. Flowers, trees, grass, rivers, ponds are just some of the scenic items you will encounter on this nature walk. Go on it with a loved one of course, or make it a family outing. Being outside with the fresh air is just what is needed to kick off this warm weather that is coming.

Take a Family Vacation


June is a perfect time to head out of town and go to the coastal areas of the United States. Dig your feet in the sand, touch the ocean, and search for seashells. Being in the fresh, salty air brings back fond memories for everyone. What a better way to enjoy time with your family other than watching them have a blast in the sand. ***Side note*** if you find enough seashells, take the younger kids in your family and do inexpensive art and craft project like making a seashell necklace.

Hit the Links with your Spouse

Portrait Of Four Friends Enjoying A Game Golf

Another activity to do outdoors that can be relaxing and fun is playing a round of golf. Getting out on the fairway and enjoying a friendly game with your loved ones is a great way to spend 4-5 hours. There are beautiful courses all over the United States. If you decide to do this, share a picture with us in the comments.

BlueStar SeniorTech has a commitment to our Seniors and their well-being. The outdoors can be that extra something you might need to get you past the rainy season or just to enjoy the fresh air. With each of these activities, there are times where you might be in a bit more remote areas and BlueStar wants to be there to help in case of an emergency. We offer many GPS enabled medical alert solutions that can be your protection in case something happens. The Ranger is our most popular item. Feel free to check us out online or reach out to a product specialist today.