This summer felt way too short. The leaves are already changing color and falling off which means Fall is around the corner. The beginning of Fall brings a spike in season related falls and illnesses. Fall can be a beautiful time of year, however, it’s necessary to take the actions to get ready for it.

One way to be prepared is to get your seasonal flu vaccine. As temperatures drop, the risk of cold and flu increases. Wash hands properly and make sure to get enough sleep to keep your immune system strong as the cold weather approaches. Try to stay away from friends and family members who might have a cold or flu and use sanitizer when out in public places.


Second way to prepare is to get portable space heaters before it gets extremely cold. It can be a hassle to get them so jump on that early in the season. Having a space heater will ensure you are always warm in case there are periods of no electricity and heating, and in general if you are a person who gets cold easily. It’s also beneficial to check up on your heating systems if you live alone. Hire a specialist to inspect your home heating system so you can avoid any breakdowns and be set for the cold winter. Additionally, take care of your gutters. Gutters can get blocked with leaves and can lead to dangerous water backups. Clogged gutters can cause leaks in the roof and result in major damage such has flooding on the house. Hire someone or tell a loved one to help keep the gutters in working order.

It’s important to be careful when going outdoors. While the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, rain and falling leaves can create unsafe conditions. Hire someone to do a last trim of your bushes and trees and hire a person to rake leaves so your steps and walkways can remain clear. Walk carefully outside as the sidewalks and roads can get covered with leaves and rainy days can create wet and hazardous surfaces. Consider rescheduling activities if the weather is bad.

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