Fall is a low cost and low crowd time of the year to travel. While children and grandchildren are busy running around for school and work, senior citizens have plenty of time that they can utilize to explore different destinations.

Fall Travel

Some of the best places to travel in the fall are the Midwest, Western, and Southern United States. Below is a list of a few destinations that we recommend.

San Francisco – is a great place to travel to because the weather stays consistently warm while most of the country is getting cooler. San Francisco has great culinary events and fall festivals to take part in. There is a Fleet Week in San Francisco which displays various ships in honor of our Navy. There are also multiple local vineyards in Napa and Sonoma that are worth checking out.  You can go fishing, walk on the beach, or rent a boat on the Pacific Ocean.


Key West, Florida – The Florida Keys offer some of the best opportunities for sailing and other water sports than any other place in the States. It’s also a calm place if you want to enjoy a slower pace of living. The sunsets here are beautiful and it’s one of the best places to take a sunset sailing cruise on.

Alaska Cruise – Go on a Pacific coast adventure! You can go on excursions on land where you can hike or paddle among whales and the sea otters. If you want to have more of a relaxing cruise then you can enjoy a meal on the ship while passing by the waterfalls and grand glaciers. Take in the wilderness and wildlife as the ship passes by.


Santa Fe, New Mexico – This historic capital has the most colorful history and it will make you feel like you have entered into a whole new country. It’s known for its unique attractions, art galleries, extraordinary museums. The food is incredible and the weather is great. There are numerous trails to go for hikes on.

Grand Canyon – Great place to visit if you never have. It’s one of the must-see places in the United States. It runs over two hundred miles and is nearly twenty miles wide. The fall is the best time to see this natural wonder as Arizona starts to come down from its peak hot temperatures. It could also get cold anytime since deserts have inclement weather.


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