Products to Create Innovative Solutions

BlueStar’s products and services create custom programs for any provider and any patient population. We look at your unique needs and craft a cost-effective solution to meet them.  Below are some examples.

Remote Monitoring

Reasonably-priced Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to monitor chronic conditions, or potential future conditions such as COVID-19.

Medicine Adherence

Devices, calls, or TV interface to help patients improve their medicine adherence, and prevent unnecessary additional healthcare intervention.

Voice Systems

We have several voice-enabled care systems available, and more are being created daily.


Medical alerts, fall detection, and GPS tracking to prevent wandering, in various forms that clip on belts, are integrated in a wrist-watch, or embedded in the sole of a shoe.

Help Buttons

Simple buttons by the bedside or in the bathroom, to call friends or professional help.

Phone Calls

Automated or human-to-human phone calls for wellness checks, surveys, or medicine reminders, all with e-mail follow-up to family and caregivers.

Mobile Medical Alerts

We provide the latest state-of-the-art mobile medical alerts, with fall detection, GPS, two-way voice, pedometer, LED display.

Nurse Concierge

24/7 “Nurse On Call” service integrates into any program to prevent unnecessary hospital visits.

TV Interface

Most seniors are more TV-savvy than computer-savvy.  Our systems can integrate with in-home TVs, providing information, giving reminders, feeding data back to the provider, and more.

Mobile Apps

Involving the family in the circle of care with mobile applications decreases the need for healthcare intervention by alerting family members of potential problems first.