Kanega Watch

Goes Anywhere You Do
Waterproof and able to travel with you anywhere you go! The Kanega watch is a self-contained watch and is not dependent on a connection to a home-based system or a smartphone, so you can get assistance at home or on the go in one simple, stylish watch.

Voice Controlled for Ease of Use

No buttons to press – speak to it by its name, and it speaks to you. It’s that easy.

Discreet & Stylish

It looks like a traditional watch, not a medical device. Wear the Kanega watch with confidence wherever you go.

Automatic Emergency Assistance – Help Even When You Can’t Ask For It

The Kanega watch can be set up to call emergency contacts and/or dispatch emergency services if it detects that you may be in trouble. UnaliWear relies on a number of factors such as fall detection and long periods of immobility during the day combined with a lack of response from you if it asks if you need help.