Hi, this is Admiral Rob Wray.  

If you have a mom or dad between 65 and 105, I hope you’ll read this letter.  My parents are 82 and 86, and my wife Maryellen’s parents are 92 and 95.  God bless them—we’re lucky to have them. But we’re learning the tough lessons of helping to care for Mom and Dad as they age.  You might be in the same situation. If so, read on!

Our company, BlueStar SeniorTech, was built to help families like ours, and like yours.  We provide technology services that help adult children like us keep our parents Safe, Healthy, and Connected.  Because I’m a retired Navy Admiral, and because 18 members of my family have worn a uniform, we’re veteran-owned-and-operated—certified by the Veterans Administration—we have 14 generals and admirals on our advisory board.  We donate a portion of every dollar to veteran causes, and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

We have 6000 customers across the nation, using cool services like:

  • 5th generation medical alerts with GPS location and automatic fall detection
  • Closed-captioned phones that let Mom see your words as she hears them
  • Video-chat devices that allow non-tech seniors have video conversations with family
  • Medicine management services
  • Devices to keep Mom from burning down the kitchen when she forgets things on the stove (a particular interest in our family, as she’s nearly done it twice)
  • And lots, lots more.   There’s so much cool stuff being invented for senior care nowadays, we can hardly keep up with it!

But I’m not trying to sell you anything.  People don’t buy stuff because a guy like me tells you about it.  What I’m asking you to do is to consider joining our BlueStar SeniorTech group as a follower—as a fellow member of the Tribe of Adult Kids Trying to Help Mom & Dad.  

I’m asking only that you submit your e-mail below, so we can send you a weekly note telling you what we’ve learned.  We’ll send you free info on caring for aging parents; on getting veteran benefits; on new technologies we’ve found; on solutions we’ve discovered.  All via e-mail. If it’s boring, or not useful, you can delete! (smile) And when you learn new things, tell us about them, and we’ll tell the rest of the members of the BlueStar tribe.

You have my word that we will NEVER sell your e-mail, or use it in any other way other than what I’ve said above.  Here’s my personal e-mail: [email protected]. Hopefully that will convince you of the sincerity of my offer.

I hope you’ll join us on this collective journey, by providing your e-mail below.  

If you want info on our products or services, and want one of our ace service reps to call you, please put your phone number here.  But it’s optional—you don’t have to.

Rob and his parents, Bob and Rosanne