Senior Resources

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A Place For Mom
This website is a free resource for families finding assisted living facilities.

The health section of the AARP website helps seniors to live healthily and provides information on Medicare.

Administration on Aging
This website helps seniors and their caregivers receive information about topics related to aging such as healthy lifestyles, benefits and long-term care, and government programs.

Age in Place Tech
A website made for industry analysis and research about technological trends that help seniors live in their homes.

Aging and Exercise
This document from the University of Toronto explains the science behind aging and exercise and shows seniors how physical activity will affect their daily lives.

Aging Care: An Online Community for Caregivers
This community helps caregivers with advice concerning their elderly patients like benefits, legal matters, housing options, and more.

Aging Society
The institute has research on aging that is available to the press and to policymakers.

Aging Stats
A government site that tracks aging statistics such as health care and economic wellbeing.

The AGS Foundation for Health in Aging
Developed by the American Geriatric Society, the website provides consumers and caregivers with up-to-date advice about aging.

Alexander Technique and Aging Well
The Alexander Technique is a method that works to change daily movement habits, and this article outlines how this technique can work for seniors.

Alliance for Aging Research
This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping people live productive lives as they age and to provide legislation for age-related issues.
This government website provides material for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers and has material about symptoms and how to organize a care plan.

Alzheimers Association
The site contains useful information for caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s as well as providing sources for care and planning ahead.

American Federation for Aging Research
Seniors can learn the latest developments about aging from this website.

American Senior Fitness Association
This website is designed for people who work in senior fitness and it can help users find facilities and professionals in their area.

American Society on Aging
Founded in 1954, the society helps seniors to improve their quality of life in physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial aspects.

Arthritis Foundation
The foundation provides updates on treatments for arthritis and has advice on how to minimize the effects of the condition in daily life.

Be Brain Fit
This website works with seniors in order to maintain their mental acuity.

Benefits Check Up
The National Council on Aging created this website to help seniors identify their eligibility for public assistance programs.

Better Hearing Institute
A non-profit organization that helps with and conducts research about hearing loss.

Cancer Information Service
This service provides up-to-date information about cancer services for families, the public, and public professionals.

CDC's Health Aging
This website by the CDC contains statistics and research material, care information, and links to other websites, organizations, and articles.

Changing Aging
Dr. Bill Thomas writes this blog about an alternative approach to long-term health care for the elderly.

Daily Med
The site provides the listings for almost 70,000 prescription drug types and provides labels for most prescription drugs and their side effects.

Dietary Supplement Label Database
A database that contains the full label contents of dietary supplements
This government website details disability programs such as benefits or accessible housing.

Drug Information Portal
The website is an encyclopedia for prescription drugs and their effects. It is also possible to search for these drugs by category.

Drug Interactions
A website from the FDA that details prescription drug reactions with other prescribed drugs, food, and mental conditions.

Economic Check Up
This site helps seniors to better manage their money by setting financial goals and managing a budget.

Elder Law Answers
The website contains easy-to-read law information for regarding law-issues that concern seniors.

The Elders
Founded by Nelson Mandela, this association works to promote international rights, including rights for seniors.

A website for a company that works to combat the effects of Alzheimer’s as well as promoting research about the disease.

The website is used a social network for seniors where they can talk with other members and find helpful articles.

EPA Aging Tips
The EPA uses this website to address environmental concerns that affect seniors and also contains advice for dealing with environmental health.

Evergreen Club
Acting like the popular website Home Exchange, this club allows members to stay in other members’ homes for around $25 a day.

Extra Help
This document from Social Security outlines what seniors need to do in order to receive Extra Help, a program that assists seniors with their Medicare plans.

The Family Caregiver Alliance
The site has information for caregivers and their family members who have long lasting health conditions and has health sheets in Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese about Parkinson’s and stroke.

Fifty Plus
The website has material for seniors to help them stay fit through a variety of methods.

Food Safety
Contains information for seniors about food safety and nutrition.

Geriatric Mental Health Foundation
The foundation raises awareness for elderly patients living with mental health disorders and also promotes healthy living strategies and access to good mental health care.

The Gerontological Society of America
Founded in 1945, the society is dedicated to the research and education about the process of aging.

Glaucoma Research Foundation
Founded in 1978, this non-profit conducts glaucoma research as well as providing resources for seniors with glaucoma such as booklets and a doctor search engine.

This is a physical activity campaign from the NIH and is designed to help seniors live healthily via exercise.

This magazine for seniors features travel, money, and health articles.
The website helps grandparents connect with their grandchildren and pass on a meaningful legacy to their children and grandchildren.

Health Central
Seniors can find clear, concise news about medications, their side effects, and drug interactions.

Healthy Aging
A website that contains short and convincing articles on aging and conditions that affect the elderly.

Home Care
This website is for seniors who want information about home care, but the site also offers advice in other areas, too.

HRSA health centers care for patients even if they do not have health insurance, and the website is a search engine for finding the nearest health center.

This website has been set up by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and contains housing options for seniors.

Retirement Living is a national resource for consumer information related to retirement.


Long Term Care
With this site, seniors or their caregivers can organize long-term healthcare plans concerning housing or insurance plans.

Malnutrition and Seniors
This article from the Mayo Clinic helps seniors to recognize malnutrition and instructs how to counteract it.

Medical News Today: Seniors
A website that lets seniors search for the latest medical news, look through clinical trials, or look for other medical material.

This is an official government site that outlines benefits for the elderly such as drug plans and costs and provides services such as applying for benefits and replacing a Medicare card.

Medication Tracker
This pamphlet from the FDA helps seniors to organize a prescription medication plan, such as listing medications by type, dosage, refills, and date taken.

Medline Plus Senior's Health
The National Library of Medicine created this website with overviews on senior health, statistics, organizations, and the site also contains article links.

Modern Senior
Launched in 2010, this website posts content for seniors about health, technology, and other topics.

Money & Retirement: CNN
This site offers advice on how to retire effectively as well as living comfortably within retirement.

Mesothelioma Guide
This website works to connect patients with doctors and treatment options that are best suited for them. 100% free to patients and family members.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
A website that contains a directory for attorneys who practice elder law as well as articles on elder law issues.

National Council on Aging
This non-profit organization represents senior citizens and the community organizations that serve them.

National Eye Institute
The site has information about eye disorders, clinical studies, and awareness activities for people affected with eye diseases or disorders.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
A website that helps seniors or their caregivers locate the nearest care center in their location.

National Institute on Aging
The agency is the primary leader in Alzheimer’s research and contains tips on living with Alzheimer’s.

National Osteoporosis Foundation
This association provides insights and help about preventing and living with osteoporosis.

National Stroke Association
This site provides information for caregivers, families, and stroke survivors about the symptoms of stroke, risk factors, prevention, and recovery.

New Old Age Blog
This blog from the New York Times contains a wide range of articles that are all about seniors.

On Lok, Inc.
The non-profit organization works to develop health-care models meant to assist the elderly.

Ortho Info
The information covered in this website includes joint replacement, osteoarthritis, sport and exercise, and injury prevention.

Over 50 Online Magazine
This online magazine has information and tips about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

PA Elder Law
This law firm is based in Pennsylvania, but its website has information that is useful for seniors all over the country.

Pill Box
This site helps users to identify unknown pills as well as its side effects, labels, and clinical trial results.

Pioneer Network
Dedicated to patient-centered care, this group advocates improved care within hospices.

The site contains advice about what to do if an older loved one suffered an accident and discusses benefits and necessary equipment for accident preparedness.

Restart Living
This self-management workshop helps seniors to cope and remain active within their health conditions.

Retired Brains
This website is meant to help seniors find part-time post-retirement jobs.

Retirement Jobs
Seniors can look for jobs as well as job hunting advice on this website.

Retirement Life Matters
A website that provides articles on topics ranging from health and relationships to spirituality.

Retirement Living TV
This television network provides programming for the senior market.

The Retirement Pros
A website that assists seniors in retirement planning.

Road Scholars
Founded in 1975, the website is for an association that sponsors programs in order to help seniors travel the world.

The Roaming Boomers
This couple travels the world and provides online travel guides, travel plans, and group tours in Arizona for seniors who are interested in traveling.

A search engine meant to locate the nearest behavioral health center

Safe Driving for Older Adults
This site helps senior citizens decide what they should do if their driving is affected by eyesight, mental state, or medications.

Senior Citizen Fitness Activities
The website is a summary of fitness guidelines for seniors and helps seniors to maintain and improve health and fitness levels.

Senior Corp
This government website is for programs that enable seniors to give back to their community.

Senior Fitness
There are plenty of nutrition and fitness articles for seniors on this website

Senior Job Bank
A website that searches for experienced employees.

Senior Mental Health
This website contains answers and advice about senior mental health from psychiatrist Dr. Sterling.

Senior Net
The mission of Senior Net is “education for and access to computer technologies” in order to improve the lives of seniors.

Senior Planning Services
A website for a company that assists seniors in applying for Medicaid benefits.

Senior Reading Room
This blog provides the latest news for senior health issues.

Senior Whole Health
The organization works to provide seniors with a secure health care plan that is simple to set up.
This website is an online community for seniors and provides tips on subjects such as healthy living, travelling, housing, and money.

Seniors for Living
A website that connects seniors with living options nationwide.

Silver Sneakers
If seniors want a community that encourages them to get fit, then this association is the place to start. The programs include hiking excursions and training at the gym as a group.

Sleep Help
This website works to increase sleep health awareness and wellness. Our sleep needs change as we age.

This personal computer is designed for seniors to be easy to use.

Todays' Geriatric Medicine
This website is for a print magazine that covers product reviews and offers forums

Weight Management
Reaching a healthy body weight is important for people of all ages, and this government website contains information on how to reach a healthy body weight.

The website is intended for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight, but it also has information for seniors.

Wiser Now
This blog has articles that can help readers deal with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Work Force 50
The website is designed for any senior looking for gainful employment.

Young at Heart Chorus
This choir consists of seniors that perform all over the country.

Senior Discounts
Discounts and coupons for seniors