Now that the holidays are getting closer, it’s time to finish up the gift list and gift shopping. Some people are easy to buy gifts for especially when it seems like there are new gadgets popping up every single day. But there are other people that gift ideas don’t come as quickly for. Buying gifts for seniors and elderly family members can become increasingly tricky. Many elderly family members have moved into assisted living facilities and may not have the room or the need for many big gifts. Additionally, new technology gadgets don’t always make good gifts for elderly family members since they don’t have the need or even know how to use these items. Often these family members already have everything that they need, so gift giving needs to become a little bit more creative.

So, if you’re struggling to come up with what should you get your senior/elderly family members this holiday season, we’re here to help!

Here are the to 9 Gift Giving Ideas for your elderly loved ones:

Electric household appliances

Some examples are an automatic toothbrush, automatic can openers, automatic jar openers’ robotic vacuum cleaners, etc. This makes small tasks easier, especially as your loved ones strength decreases with age.

Weighted blankets

It has been shown that weighted blankets can help to reduce anxiety in those who may be suffering from dementia. It gives the body/mind the illusion and feeling of being embraced and that promotes the natural body chemicals to regulate anxiety and mood.

Custom photo calendar

This is a gift idea because it will not only help your elderly loved one keep track of the days and months, but they will enjoy reminiscing on memories and seeing all of the different family member’s smiling faces. You can always fill out the calendar with important family dates and birthday’s so that they are able to work at keeping those days relevant in their memory.

Coloring books

Though such a simple gift, this provides a great opportunity for your loved one to enjoy passing the time. It is extremely relaxing and helps to exercise the brain and assist with cognitive stimulation.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (Medical Alert)

BlueStar offers many devices that can keep your loved ones Safe, Healthy, and Connected; not just through the holidays, but all times of the years. Show Mom how much her health and well-being mean to you by giving a gift that shows how much you care. The Ranger 4G is the most popular, versatile device on the market. Best of all, BlueStar offers the lowest price with no contracts and no activation costs. 

Personal services gift cards

This can be anything from hair appointments, manicures, geriatric massages, door-through-door ride services, etc.

House slippers

Now, this seems to easy and not creative but purchasing slippers that have special non-slip and non-skid bottoms make for perfect shoes to walk around the house or living facility in.

Meal services

It is extremely important for seniors and elderly adults to get in the proper nutrients. With age, eating habits tend to shift and sometimes it becomes difficult to get or prepare a balanced meal. Meal delivery services is a perfect way to help your loved one ensure nothing gets in the way of them getting their meals and nutrients in.

Classic Timepiece

Show Dad how much you care by getting him a new watch. As a parent, I love the idea of getting simple gifts like this. BlueStar SeniorTech offers a watch that will not only give Dad the time when he needs it, but it also doubles as a Medical Alert device. Just looking at the watch, no one would ever know that it is a medical alert. To get one for your loved one, visit here.

BlueStar offers many different solutions that will help with the holiday shopping difficulties. Visit us online or call 800-300-1724, option 1 to learn how you can help improve your elderly loved one’s quality of life and even help them to live at home longer. So, now that you have heard some of our ideas your holiday shopping should be a breeze! Your senior and elderly loved ones and family members just want to spend time around family and friends. They most likely have everything they want, so these are some great ideas of things they may not know they need! Let’s get shopping!