Falling in the dark while alone can be quite a terrifying experience for someone, and that is exactly the scenario one of our customers found herself in recently. Thankfully, she had one of BlueStar SeniorTech’s safety products to come to her aid:

Rita H. of Hinesville, Georgia was at home when she lost power in her neighborhood, so although it
was after dark, she walked out to her car to charge her electronics. On her way back into the house, she tripped, fell, and broke her arm. She could not get up, and her phone was in the car! Fortunately, she was wearing her BlueStar device, and help arrived quickly to take her to the hospital. She told us:

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am. If it wasn’t for BlueStar, I don’t know what I’d do!”



Thanks for sharing your story Rita, we are glad you got the help you needed.

Best regards,

The BlueStar Team

About the safety solution that got Rita help in the dark:

Lillian and her mom stay connected and safe with the Ranger 4G mobile medical alert and the iOnMom iOS/Android application for family caregivers. iOnMom is a perfect complement to the Ranger medical alert system allowing family members a real-time look at how Mom (or Dad) is doing. 



The short video below explains how the Ranger 4G and the iOnMom app works

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