“My father passed recently and I found this device fit all my mother’s needs and my requirements. Fall notification works anywhere not just in and around the house, notifies me with any alerts via the app. The only thing you have to do is get your loved one to wear it and that is the trick for any of the devices.

My mother put the pendent in her purse after coming home from the store, she then put her purse on the floor and it sensed a fall, she was notified and I was pinged thru the app. I called the house and since she was not fast enough to get to the phone. I live a block away and was there before she could call me back. She was amazed how fast and I mean fast the process worked. The features and convenience can’t be beaten!”

— Lillian G., Homewood IL

We’re sorry for your loss, Lillian.

Thank you for sharing this story about your mom with us. We’re glad she is OK and that she knows how great having our Ranger 4G, our mobile medical alert can be in the event of a real emergency.

Best regards,

The BlueStar Team

About the safety solution that Lillian and her mom use to stay safe.

Lillian and her mom stay connected and safe with the Ranger 4G mobile medical alert and the iOnMom iOS/Android application for family caregivers. iOnMom is a perfect complement to the Ranger medical alert system allowing family members a real-time look at how Mom (or Dad) is doing. 



The short video below explains how the Ranger 4G and the iOnMom app works

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