The Pillar

The Pillar is a voice-activated, app-controlled lockbox. It's the smartest way to keep your valuables and prescription meds secure and out of reach from family members or roommates.

Your valuables remain secure inside of The Pillar until you decide to open it via the Pillar’s voice activation
with Amazon Alexa Voice -ID or our free app, which means no keys or pins to remember. Plus, you can
easily share access from anywhere. The Pillar is smell proof and has a built in Kensington anchor for
attaching a compatible steel cable lock.

the pillar lock box


Remain secure along with other valuables until you decide to open it
via Amazon Alexa voice-ID or our free iOS or Android app. Anchors down with optional standard Laptop or tablet compatible Kensington Cable Lock.


Easily share & restrict access with friends and family with the free mobile app


With a rechargeable battery good up to 6 hours, included with product: Charging
Cable, USB Plug, Quick Start Guide