Aging-in-place is important for senior citizens to stay active both physically and mentally. Children may be concerned about their elderly parent’s safety and health. There are various products that help with senior safety and put a child’s mind at ease. Our finest and most capable family system for safety, health, and connection is Healthguard. Most importantly, this system has the ability to monitor a variety of chronic conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes on your smartphone. Therefore monitoring everything on a smartphone is almost like being there with Mom. Other products that help parents with aging-in-place include family health management and safety systems. 

Aging-at-Home Tips for Seniors

Aging-at-Home Tips for Seniors

As our parents get older, we are faced with the decision of either using an assisted living home or aging-at-home. Studies show that 90% of seniors would rather age-at-home than move to an assisted living facility. It is much more comfortable and enjoyable to spend... » Read More
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