If an elderly person has caregivers they can trust it makes all the difference. Caregivers make a huge difference in a senior’s life and many encourage the elderly to stay active and enjoy life. Caretakers paired with helpful technology such as our Nurse-On-Call program provide expert health information and advice. If a senior happens to be alone for a short time our program can ease Mom’s concerns, or direct her to the appropriate level of care. Furthermore, trusted medical advice from a nurse is vital should Mom get sick. Another question she might ask is if she’s unsure about her medication, for example. Keep seniors safe with excellent caregivers and excellent technology from BlueStar SeniorTech. 

Avoiding Caregiver Self-Neglect

Avoiding Caregiver Self-Neglect

Caregivers are the silent backbone in the Senior Community. These can be sons, daughters, or other family members who are committed to keeping their loved ones safe and healthy. Being a caregiver is not an easy task, but their resiliency is one of the many things,... » Read More
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