BlueStar is proud to announce a partnership with The National Military Family Association (NMFA).  We will donate a portion of every BlueStar dollar to support the NMFA mission of service to veteran families.

NMFA came to be in 1969, when a group of military spouses having coffee at a kitchen table committed themselves to making sure their widowed friends were being taken care of.  Two years later, the Survivor Benefit Plan became law, and this group of dynamic women has evolved into a strong force of military families representing all ranks and all branches around the world.

Today the Association is comprised mostly of military wives, military husbands, and former military members. They are advocates and subject matter experts in the area of military family needs, issues, and benefits. They help families navigate the difficulties of deployment and help them with family retreats and camps for kids. They offer information on health care and finances, from tax benefits to college scholarships to adoption costs.

In essence, NMFA is a tapestry of military families, interwoven and sustaining one another. Its motto, “Together We’re Stronger,” explains a mission of empowerment and protection for military families everywhere. BlueStar HonorCare is proud to take part in that mission as we offer support to this fine organization.

New military families can find immediate support from NMFA in the unfamiliar terrain of that first duty assignment. Read this article giving tips to such a family here.

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