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Whether you or your loved ones are at home or on the go, BlueStar can provide peace of mind through one of our professionally monitored products.



For protection both in and out of the home.

Ranger 4G
As Low As: $31.95/mo No longer available
Device/Watch Cost Included No longer available
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Connection Cellular Bluetooth
Range Unlimited Unlimited
Battery Life Up to 2 Days 6 Months
2-Way Voice Via Smart Phone
Shower Safe
Fall Detection Add $5/mo
Button Type Neck Wrist
All-In-One ✔*
Mobile App

*With monthly purchase of fall detection

These devices will help you or your loved ones stay protected at home.

  Sentry SafeGuard Freedom Alert
Ranger 4G
Admiral Alert
As Low As: $23.95/mo $27.95/mo $267.50
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Connection Landline Cellular Landline
Button Range 600 ft 600 ft 600 ft
Monitoring 24/7 Response Center 24/7 Response Center Friends & Family
Battery Backup Up to 24 Hours Up to 36 Hours Up to 24 Hours
2-Way Voice
Shower Safe  
Fall Detection    
Button Type Neck/Wrist Neck/Wrist Neck/Belt Clip
Multiple Buttons  
Family App    

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BlueStar offers many solutions to make your day to day life Safe, Healthy, & Connected. Not sure which solution(s) is right for you? Don't worry! We're standing by to help you customize the solutions that cater to your life. 

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