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How Alcohol Affects The Aging

As we age, our bodies start functioning differently on a biological level. The body absorbs certain foods and drinks in a different manner than it used to. This includes alcohol consumption. The way our body handles alcohol changes with age. According to NIH, in older...

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How to Help Seniors With Diabetes

Seniors’ needs can differ based on their age and the stage in their life. An active senior diagnosed with diabetes could be playing sports and be very well functioning, however, it’s key to assess what their needs are early on according to First...

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Easy Balance Exercises for Seniors

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury in America. To lower your chances of slips and falls, it’s important to improve your balance and strength. We have here a few easy balancing exercises listed to help you stand tall and confident! Do these exercises...

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Smartphone Safety

Smartphone use has increased immensely for the past few years and the world is becoming more revolved around technology than ever before. As our seniors get new smartphones and become more tech-savvy, they also need to know to practice safety when using a smartphone...

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