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Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

This holiday season, give the gift of companionship to your loved one with a new canine friend! Don’t take it from me, research shows that the health benefits of dog companionship can be life-changing in our senior loved ones. Senior dog owners are proven to have...

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Gingerbread House Day

Many celebrations begin in December as we approach the major holiday season. Other than the well known holidays, there are smaller ones that are worth getting the family together for. One of those holidays falls on December 12, National Gingerbread House Day. This is...

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Senior Activities for the Holidays

The holiday season is a fun time for all members of the family, even your older loved ones. Regardless of any physical or mental limitations, your older loved one may face, the holiday season is all about feeling include and spending quality time together. There are...

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Memory Activities for Seniors

Dementia is a term used to cover diseases associated with memory and thinking loss. Diseases such as vascular dementia and Alzheimer's are the ones most commonly found in roughly 60-80% of cases. It is a progressive disease most often paired with some sort of memory...

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Press Releases & Company News

BlueStar SeniorTech Partners with Bellpal

US Senior technology company partners with US-Swedish firm to introduce groundbreaking senior safety and independent living products to the US market. Rockville, MD (October 10, 2018) — BlueStar SeniorTech announced today that it will partner with BellPal of Sweden to...