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Medicine Dispenser

40% of seniors 65 and older take more than five medications. 55% of those take their medications incorrectly. BlueStar SeniorTech offers a solution to manage your prescription medications and prevent mishaps from occurring.

Smart Pillbox
Smart Pillbox
Pricing: $59.95/mo
Dose Capacity 14 Doses
Alert Type Audio/Visual
Connection Type Cellular (AT&T Incl. w/dispenser)
Notify Caregivers via App
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Family Health Monitoring

Combining our top of the line in-home medical alert with a suite of health devices, the HealthGuard allows families and caregivers to keep an eye on their loved one's status remotely.

Vital signs are taken at home via integrated wireless devices that record and report health stats directly to a smartphone application, making it easy for you to stay in the know and share information with healthcare professionals. The HealthGuard supports the following readings:

  • ✔ Blood Pressure
  • ✔ Pulse/Oxygen levels
  • ✔ Blood Glucose
  • ✔ Weight Scale
  • ✔ Body Temperature
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Nurse On Call

Imagine if Mom could press a single button and talk to a registered nurse whenever she wanted. 24/7, 365, for any reason. It’s possible. Our Nurse-On-Call program has logged hundreds of thousands of calls, and is partnered with 3400 hospitals and health-care groups.

The nurses can provide expert health information and advice, and can ease Mom’s concerns, or direct her to the appropriate level of care. Works with our standard Sentry in-home medical alert system. You can also use it with SafeGuard and HealthGuard systems.

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