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Care Calls

BlueStar's Care Calls mean your loved ones will receive frequent calls from one of our friendly and compassionate Care Agents. You can set the calls to occur daily, several times each week, or weekly. You set the schedule and determinie what questions to ask during each call. When calls are concluded the Care Agent will share the answers and any other important information learned during the conversation with you and others in their "Care Circle". This frequent personal interaction can be the difference in one feeling like there are people there and feeling all alone. It's only pennies a call, but the peace of mind is priceless.

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Hearing Help

Having trouble hearing? BlueStar can help! A Personal Sound Amplification Product, or PSAP, is a hearing enhancer and only amplifies sounds. It is recommended for when you are not ready for a hearing aid but need a little help. A PSAP is not a hearing aid. Hearing aids require fitting by a hearing care professional since they can be programmed to amplify sounds for a variety of frequencies and types of hearing loss.

Enrich Enrich Pro Enrich Pro (In-Ear)
Enrich Pro
Enrich Pro (In-Ear)
Cost $99.95 $199.95 $399.95 per pair
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Fit Universal (L or R) Universal (L or R) Pair (L and R)
Wear Type Behind the Ear Behind the Ear In Ear
Channels 2 8 8
Listening Modes 3 2 2
Water Resistant
Dynamic Feedback Canceller
Low-Level Noise Reduction

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