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Today’s seniors are living longer and, naturally, want to stay where they’re most comfortable – at home.  For the first time, new technologies are being integrated to help seniors achieve that goal – while enhancing their safety and providing families with peace of mind.  We’re pleased to bring you a leading array of senior care technology solutions that connect families, monitor health, and guard against falls and other mishaps.  BlueStar is owned and operated by veterans. The CEO and COO are retired two-star admirals. Many of our staff members are vets or family members of vets. So, we bring the same values to serving our senior customers as we did serving our country.

BlueStar CEO, Admiral Rob Wray, talks about the company.

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BlueStar Releases Ranger 4G

Ranger 4G is our latest product release and it is an upgraded version of our well-known, black colored, oreo-cookie shaped Ranger! Ranger 4G provides quick access to an emergency call center from anywhere in the country by utilizing the latest call technology and...

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Autumn Safety Tips for Seniors

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons we have. Not only does the beauty appeal to the eye, but the mild weather also feels comfortable. The temperature in this season stays constant and comfortable for many people to be outside in. It feels relaxing to be out...

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