Veteran Resources

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American Gulf War Veterans Association
The website is a link to an organization that works to help veterans who are suffering from Gulf War illness to obtain compensation. (Non-profit)

American Veterans Aid
Helps veterans apply to the VA for Aid and Attendance support home health care and assisted living. (Private, for-profit.)

AMVETS National Service Foundation
A website that links to the AMVETS foundation, which provides links to charity and community outreach programs. (Non-profit)

Arizona Department of Veteran Services
This site details veteran benefits for Arizona residents as well as providing outreach for education and employment. (Government)

Armed Services YMCA of the USA
The website is for an organization that provides low-cost or free youth development, social responsibility programs, and healthy living for junior enlisted members and their families. (Non-profit)

Army Reserve Family Programs
The website is for the care and support for families of the Army Reserve during deployments. (Government)

Brain Line
The site helps everyone with brain trauma by providing resources such as hotlines and article including veterans, cope with and manage with traumatic brain injuries. (Public, not-for-profit)

Career One Stop
The site is designed to be a source to look for employment, to manage a career, and to manage salary information. (Government)

Defense One
Defense One is a property of Atlantic Media that runs stories about national security and defense as well as covering stories about veterans. It’s valuable for anyone who wants to keep up with current events in the military. (Private, for-profit)

Created by an executive order in 2007, this website provides tools so veterans can access and organize their benefits as well as offering links to other informative sites. (Government)

Feds Hire Vets
The website was created as a result of an executive order, and its mission is to help veterans find federal employment and to help veterans find key employment positions within the federal government. (Government)

Fisher House Foundation
The site links to an association that provides housing for veterans and their families at VA hospitals and military centers around the country. (Non-profit)

Front Lines of Freedom
The website is a page for a weekly, two hour syndicated radio talk show that is hosted and produced by veterans. (Private, for-profit)

Funker 350
This website is a social network for veterans that posts humorous images, news stories, and links from third party sites. (Private)

G.I. Jobs
The website provides career advice such as what to put on a resume, military-to-civilian pay calculator, and users can search for job openings by industry. (Private)

Hire Heroes USA
The organization specializes in personalized employment assistance for veterans (Private)

Hire Veterans
Since 2003, Hire Veterans has been assisting veterans in their job search, has a variety of featured employers, contains links to jobs fairs, and lets veterans post their resumes. (Private)

Job Accommodation Network
JAN puts in an effort for the mutual benefit of the employee and the employer and works with a variety of companies to find veterans gainful employment. (Government)

Massachusetts Department of Veteran Services
Contains veteran benefits for Massachusetts residents as well as providing links to education and employment websites. (Government)

Mesothelioma & Veterans
The site details the use of asbestos within the military and how veterans can claim compensation due to asbestos exposure. (Non-profit)

MIL2FED helps veterans of Maryland to find federal employment after their military service. (Government)
Perhaps the largest and most expansive veteran-related website with ten million members and includes news, affiliations, discounts, both free and paid versions. (Private, for-profit.)

Military Hire
This website was developed and is maintained by veterans and users can sign up for free, post resumes, and search for jobs online. (Private)

Military Veteran Solutions
The website is the hub for a transition assistance service for veterans, founded by a Marine Corp Sergeant who has had thirty years of active duty experience. (Private)

My Next Move for Vets
This website helps veterans search for work in their career fields or to find jobs similar to their previous jobs in the military. (Government)

National Center for PTSD
Designed for veterans who need help with managing their PTSD, this website also handles information for the professional world, too. (Government).

National Veterans Foundation
The foundation provides a hotline for veterans in crisis and has helped over 350,000 veterans. (Non-profit)

On Behalf
OnBehalf.Org is an all-volunteer organization raising cash and professional services for combat-wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. (Private, non-profit.)

Operation First Response
The organization works to provide financial aid to veterans and to help them adjust back to civilian life. (Non-profit)

Operation Interdependence
The website is for an association that supports troops on the front lines by using baggie drop-offs containing personal care products and caring notes from civilians. (Non-profit)

Operation: Job Ready Veterans
Founded in 2007, the organization works to help veterans from all branches of the armed forces find gainful employment. (Non-profit)

Outward Bound
A program dedicated to helping veterans readjust to society by wilderness retreats and expeditions done as a group. (Non-profit)

Recruit Military
The website is set up with social profiles for job searching for veterans and has around 802,000 jobs posted and is owned and operated by veterans. (Private, for-profit)

Senior Veterans, Inc.
A website for a charity that provides for disabled, wartime veterans and helps them acquire their Aid and Attendance pension. (Non-profit)

Stars and Stripes
A publication with independent news for veterans, it has around 600,000 daily visitors to its website and provides home delivery domestically and internationally. (Private, for-profit)

T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)
This association provides care to family members who have lost a loved one who served in the Armed Forces and offers contact around the clock. (Non-profit)

The Mission Continues
The organization helps veterans readjust to everyday society and provide for their community by joining local projects and non-profit organizations. (Private, non-profit)

The Veterans Site
As part of the website Greater Good, the veterans portion helps with veterans charities and to provide assistance to homeless veterans. (Non-profit)

The Wall- USA
The website is about the upkeep and remembrance of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and lets people search for names on the wall as well as providing photos and literary sources. (Non-profit)

US Department of Veterans Affairs
The official website for the US Department of Veterans Affairs that includes hundreds of pages of material, covering all aspects of veteran benefits and administration. (Government)

Veteran Aid
The site provides veterans with information regarding their eligibility for the Aid & Attendance Pension. (Non-profit)

Veteran Benefits Administration
The VBA is one of three components of the VA, focusing on delivering pensions and other fixed benefits to veterans and their families. (Government)

Veterans Crisis Line
Offers free, confidential support for veterans in crisis and their families and friends. Can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. (Private, not-for-profit.)
Connects veterans with their friends from their services days and includes 1.6 million registered members. Some services are free, and some require a monthly membership fee. (Private, for-profit.)

Veterans History Project
The project collects and stores memorabilia and personal accounts of veterans from World War I all the way to Afghanistan and Iraq. Civilians who participated in any war effort such as USO workers or medical volunteers are invited to share their stories. (Government)

Vets HQ
Includes news related to veterans as well as ways veterans can receive their benefits and recognition. A basic membership is free and also includes benefits tracking. (Private, for-profit)

Veteran Job Center
This site is a message board and a search engine that helps veterans look for regular employment (Private)

Veteran Owned Business
The website is a database for over 20,000 veteran owned businesses and provides a way for these business to attention and commerce.

Veterans Today
Veterans Today is an online journal that details domestic and foreign policy, as well as national and geopolitical security through the eyes of veterans. (Privately owned)

Veterans United
Provides home loans, focusing on veterans using VA loans. (Private, for-profit.)

Virginia Department of Veteran Services
Details veteran benefits for those living in Virginia as well as providing outreach for education and employment. (Government)

Work Support
A site run by Virginia Commonwealth University that provides resources for employees with disabilities as well as veterans. (Private, for-profit)

World War II Veterans Website
A website dedicated to World War II vets, it was created by a software developer in Florida in order to upkeep records for his father. The site helps to organize reunions and provides links to other military and museum websites. (Private)