Caregivers are the silent backbone in the Senior Community. These can be sons, daughters, or other family members who are committed to keeping their loved ones safe and healthy. Being a caregiver is not an easy task, but their resiliency is one of the many things, which makes them as strong as they are.

Many times, people will highlight those who are in need and discuss ways to help them. It is my experience there is generally someone behind the great person that does not receive the recognition for their efforts. Caring for anyone can be a difficult task. Caring for your parent as they age can be an even harder task especially if you have always looked at your parent as the rock to your family. When the roles shift, it can be a lot to take on, but it’s in those moments, everything Mom and Dad taught you comes to fruition.

Among all the great things Caregivers do, many commit to caring for their loved ones so much they tend to neglect their own personal well-being. Here at BlueStar, we want to keep our Seniors Safe, Healthy, and Connected. Many times it is one of these sons, daughters, or other family members contacting us for our services. However, it is just as important, here at BlueStar, the Caregivers, care for themselves.

Here are 3 Ways to avoid Caregiver Self-Neglect:

Get Exercise

Avoiding Caregiver Self-Neglect | BlueStar SeniorTech | Get Exercise

Exercise is good for anyone’s health. For many, exercise can be a way for you to just cut loose for a few minutes and focus on your own body and your own health. Clear your mind and think about the strides, reps, and sets.

Watch for Signs of Depression

Avoiding Caregiver Self-Neglect | BlueStar SeniorTech | Watch for Signs of Depression

This might be a bit more difficult task to complete. It is important to care for your family, but you should also take some time and go have dinner with friends once a week or so. This will allow your friends to see your emotional state. It is these friends who will be the first to ask the tough questions.

Make Regular Doctor’s Visits

Make Regular Doctor’s Visits bluestar seniortech

Don’t avoid your check-ups and your own health to care for someone else. You really cannot take care of someone else, if you are not caring for yourself. In the medical community, this is something that is known and repeated many times.

Here at BlueStar, we want to make sure you, the Caregivers are caring for themselves. You are vital piece to the equation of keeping all seniors, Safe, Healthy, and Connected. To learn about different technology solutions that might help you in caring for your family, visit us online.