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Senior Rideshare Services for Active Seniors

Getting around without a car can be a challenge to anyone. Even more so if you are a senior citizen. Friends and family may not always be available to be a reliable transportation, cabs can be expensive, and public transportation can be confusing as well as...

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Talking Finances with your Senior Parent

Talking finances with your parents can be a hard subject to bring up. Many seniors feel like they are giving up their independence by having their children take on their finances and are hesitant to let it happen. But having someone else manage their accounts actually...

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How to Reduce Caregiver Stress

Being a caregiver is a rewarding but sometimes stressful job. Whether you are a professional or a family member, this position can take a toll on your mind and body. This is an important job that can sometimes be a 24/7 responsibility. With the long hours and tasks it...

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Providing Remote Care for my Senior Parents

Caregiving for parents can be challenging. Adding distance to an already challenging situation may make it even harder to give your parents the care they need. However, remote care for senior parents is becoming increasingly easy due to new technologies.  Medical...

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Press Releases & Company News

BlueStar Releases Ranger 4G

Ranger 4G is our latest product release and it is an upgraded version of our well-known, black colored, oreo-cookie shaped Ranger! Ranger 4G provides quick access to an emergency call center from anywhere in the country by utilizing the latest call technology and...