Ranger 4G – Mobile Medical Alert

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Have you heard of the wonderful “OnStar” system from General Motors?  The Ranger is like an OnStar for a human!

The smallest, lightest, and most compact mobile medical alert on the market, and our most popular product.  Wear it on a keychain, on the belt, in a pocket, around the neck—provides mobile medical alert protection with GPS on the most up-to-date 4G network, so our skilled staff can find you and send help anywhere.  Works on the great AT&T network—it means you’re never alone, anywhere. Press the button, and talk to our wonderful team, at any time, for any reason!

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on the go

On the Go

Go anywhere in the United States and you will maintain coverage. With GPS satellites, our monitoring center can locate you at the push of a button

fall detection

Fall Detection

The Ranger 4G comes with automatic fall detection. For a $5/month charge, we can add this feature to your medical alert.


US Based Monitoring

Once you activate your medical alert, you will be put in touch with someone from our US-based 24/7 monitoring center.


Battery Life

The Ranger 4G comes with 48 hours of standby battery. It is still recommended to charge your Ranger 4G each night before you go to bed.

Remote Care 24/7 App Included

Remote Care 24/7, the Ranger 4G Smartphone application, allows caregivers to have a real-time look at how their loved one is doing. The Remote Care 24/7 app provides the following features and functionality:

  • Location
    • Real-time "Where's Mom" functionality
    • Breadcrumb (History of where Mom has been)
    • Familiar Place Notification (GeoFence, "Did Mom arrive or leave a particular location (i.e. Doctor)"
  • Notification

    • Emergency Call Center Calls

    • Weather alerts in your loved one's area

  • Status

    • Is the battery of handset and wearable charged

  • Information

    • Central location for caregiving team to view prescriptions, doctors, medical conditions and medical forms

  • Communication

    • Innovative way to send "real-time" messages and wellness checks to your loved ones

How the App Works

Want to learn more? Check out the video below!

CEO, Robert Wray talks about the Ranger 4G. With automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, and a family app, this is a perfect solution for Mom & Dad.

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BlueStar SeniorTech
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 7 reviews
by June Codding on BlueStar SeniorTech

I fell while picking some rambler roses in my backyard. The rollator I was using tipped over on top of me pushing me into the rose bed and fence, hiding me. I pushed the button and the men were in my yard very quickly but couldn't find me. Daughter came and sent dog out and he found me, stuck in the bushes with my arms and legs covered with the stems and thorns.men had a job, cutting me out but all is well great job recommend

by Barbara on BlueStar SeniorTech
BlueStar has been right on the job

I wear the BlueStar device the time. I press SOS if I want the ambulance or the police to come, and somebody will come immediately. The BlueStar team will also talk to you and you could talk to them back. They call back immediately. By accident, I bend over and it pressed the device against the table that was beside me. The device came on right immediately. The team asked me if I was okay. I said it was an accident and apologized. They were right here, too. They said if the device went off, they come to see what was wrong with me, if I need an ambulance or the police. Overall, BlueStar has been right on the job.

by Steve on BlueStar SeniorTech
Glad I decided to get a Ranger from BlueStar

Somebody called me about BlueStar HonorCare and I listened to what they had to say but I didn’t act upon it at that time. But right after that, I fell in the backyard, rolled down to the steps, hit my head on the steps and knocked myself out. It started raining and I woke up. That’s when I went ahead and decided to pull that number up. They said I can go anywhere and I don’t have to be at the house so I ordered the Ranger service button.

by Glenda on BlueStar SeniorTech
An adult person should have some type of alert system

An adult person should have some type of alert system. I’m 82 years old and I’m in an adult facility now. Before I signed up for BlueStar, I was driving and shopping on my own without any supervision. My husband was 20 years’ air force and I support the US and I’ve been a member of the VFW for 30 years. BlueStar is veteran-owned and I support the veterans so I got the alert. I’ve had BlueStar less than a year and I love it. It's less expensive.

by Sharon on BlueStar SeniorTech
I'm very satisfied with my medical alert from BlueStar

I'm 80 years old and I live alone, so I wanted it in case of an emergency. Other devices have two pieces: one that you carry around and the speaker. When I'm in the backyard and the speaker is in my home, the thing I carry with me won't do any good. I wanted to have it all together, so I went with BlueStar HonorCare. I've pushed the button by accident many times and they're very fast and nice people. One day, the button was pushed and I didn't even know so I didn't answer. My phone was off and they reached out to my brother, but he was quite a ways from me, so they just called the paramedics. However, before my brother called me, the paramedic was already here. I've been gone through so many different types but this is the fastest so far. I'm very satisfied with it.

by Bobby on BlueStar SeniorTech
I love my device and recommend it

I was falling down and once in a while, I would pass out. BlueStar HonorCare was a little cheaper than others. I got the one that is worn around the neck and it works just fine. On Thanksgiving Day, my grandkids hugged me and the alarm came off. I heard it go off, so I immediately told them what happened. They responded right away. It was only a couple of seconds before they were on the air talking to me. I love my device and recommend it.

by Beverly on BlueStar SeniorTech
Doctor said it saved my son's life

I'm on oxygen 24/7 and I have an artificial knee. I fell in my tub before so I thought that it was time to get a life alert. BlueStar HonorCare helps veterans and my father was in the service so I ordered the Ranger product from them. BlueStar's team has been very nice and respectful and they answered any question I had. When my son had a high-grade fever for two days and I couldn't break it, I pushed the button to get him help and the BlueStar team responded really fast. In the hospital, the doctor said that my son is lucky to be alive. He had such a severe infection in his body to have a heart surgery. If it wasn’t for the little button, he wouldn't be here today. BlueStar's product is very good and a lot of people could benefit from it. My son and I did.