MedReady with Flashing Light

MedReady with Flashing Light


This 1700-FL (Flashing Light) MedReady comes standard with the Lower Frequency alarm which from our experience is much easier to hear. You can also independently enable and disable the audible and visual alarms. For those who have difficulty hearing a buzzer or alarm, we developed the Medready 1700FL, a unit with a red Flashing red Light to alert the patient that it is time to take their medication. MedReady 1700-FL Flashing Light Package comes complete with A/C Adapter, Rechargeable Battery, Medication Tray, Blue Locking Lid, 2 keys, and loading rings for 3x and 4x per day dosing. This dispenser holds up to 28 doses of medication and can dispense from 1 to 4 times per day. Each dispensing compartment can hold up to 9 M&M size pills. This is a non-monitored dispenser.

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