FireAvert – Fire Safety

FireAvert – Fire Safety


Sometimes the best of cooks get older and forget things in the kitchen.  If you leave a pot on or in the stove too long, it’ll start to smoke, and then it’ll catch fire.  Every year, thousands of kitchens burn down this way.

FireAvert is a simple way to shut off the stove– it simply listens for the smoke detector to go off.  When it does, FireAvert shuts off the power to the stove, preventing the smoke from becoming fire. Simple, inexpensive, completely passive. Install once, and Grandma will be safer for years to come!

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Rob from BlueStar gives an overview of Fire Avert.

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FireAvert – Fire Safety

Unattended cooking ranges are the #1 cause of home fires in the US, FireAvert helps prevent you from being another statistic.  FireAvert is plug-in ready. Your home will be protected from stove fires in minutes, simply plug it into the back of your stove. There is always smoke before a fire. This is why FireAvert is activated by your smoke alarm, cutting the power to your stove and oven before there is a flame.

A maintenance-free auto stove shut-off device with a 25-year lifespan. FireAvert prevents stove fires by turning off the stove and oven when it hears a smoke detector. There is always smoke before a fire which is why FireAvert is activated by the smoke alarm, cutting the power to the stove and oven before there is a flame.

The FireAvert has an intelligent 30-second delay that allows those of us who aren’t the best cooks to clear out the smoke before the FireAvert cuts power to the stove. The 30 seconds is plenty of time to clear out smoke or shut off the smoke alarm before the FireAvert cuts power to the stove.

The FireAvert is simply reset by flipping the breaker in your electrical panel off and back on again. Once the FireAvert is installed you never again have to pull the stove out. The FireAvert is also maintenance free with no batteries.

Product Features

  • Maintenance free
  • Reusable with a 25-year expected life
  • Resets at the electrical panel
  • Three and four-prong configurations available
  • Audible indication of FireAvert sync with smoke alarm
  • Light indicates number of times activated

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In the video above, BlueStar CEO, Admiral Rob Wray, gives an overview of BlueStar.