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Getting Creative for Seniors

The month of January is International Creativity Month! In honor of this, the new year calls for some creative new activities. One such creative activity goal might be to get into some art. Art has been shown to help improve the lives of seniors. It can lower...

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Maximize Your Holiday Food Leftovers for Seniors

Holiday dinners inevitably bring holiday leftovers, and eating the same leftovers again and again can get dull and unappealing. This can lead to wastefulness if the leftovers are not used. A great way to avoid this waste of food and money is to repurpose these...

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Senior Healthy Holiday Tips

During this time of year, families are brought together to celebrate holidays and enjoy time with each other. As much happiness as this season may bring, it also can become very chaotic. To ease some stress and keep the holiday spirit alive, keep these ho in mind....

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Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

This holiday season, give the gift of companionship to your loved one with a new canine friend! Don’t take it from me, research shows that the health benefits of dog companionship can be life-changing in our senior loved ones. Senior dog owners are proven to have...

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