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Best Foods For Seniors – What are they?

Why is it important to eat healthy as a senior? With old age comes the weakening of your immune system. Having a strong immune system is vital to staying healthy, and thereby guaranteeing a longer life. The first step in maintaining a healthy body is what you put into...

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Questions to Ask When Buying Medical Alert Devices

Studies show that the majority of seniors prefer to age in their own home. So how is the safest way to do that? Medical alert devices. These are the devices that are going to ensure the safety of your loved one whether they are at home or out and about. Some seniors...

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Aging-at-Home Tips for Seniors

As our parents get older, we are faced with the decision of either using an assisted living home or aging-at-home. Studies show that 90% of seniors would rather age-at-home than move to an assisted living facility. It is much more comfortable and enjoyable to spend...

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Heart Health Diet Tips for Seniors

February is American Heart Month. Let this be your motivation to start paying attention to what your heart health needs! An important part of keeping your heart healthy is to maintain a well-balanced diet. Some foods are better than others at keeping your heart health...

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